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There are very few shows that can top that initial season. Once a show hits, viewers will give it at least 5 episodes to decide if it’s worth watching or not. I recently experienced this with a show that’s been off the air for a few years, Prison Break. I’ve heard about it but seeing the previews that it would be returning in early 2017 forced me to hit Netfilx and become a binge watcher. From the beginning I was hooked, and cursed myself for not taking the time to watch when it was airing on Fox in the past. But I was interested now, and I see why the show has such large following. How can you not like a story of a man going against all odds to break his brother out of prison? I remember hearing about Prison Break and thinking, “how could they base a show completely off a prison escape”, that’s what turned me off initially, I was wrong. The story the writers hit you with were exceptional with backstories of the main characters, violence, friendships but where it all came together for me was “the plan”. I’ve never broke out of prison but the detail the writers put into the first season, put Prison Break up there with some of the best. From Michael Scofield tattoos, to his plan to get arrested, everything was well planned out. [embedit snippet=”2″] What struck me was how Scofield was so determined to achieve his goal, he had almost everything planned out except for the extras baggage that came along for the ride but the writers were able to make everyone valuable to the mission at hand. The chemistry between he and his brother Lincoln was a little off-beat but where their bond seemed flat the writers were able to build on that between Michael and his cellmate Fernando Sucre. Surce was needed at first due to his cell being placed at the exact location where the plan was to begin but not even Michael expected a brotherly bond to be born. As Season One moved along there was a potential romance between he and the prison doctor, Sara Tancredi that later would prove to be vital in the direction of the future episodes.  There were so many twist each week (for me every hour) that the show grabbed and never let go. After their escape each person went on the run to either reunite with family, friends or to bigger plans. What made it more interesting was the outline the writers had for each main character. It was entertaining to see how their lives were parallel to each other despite being in different parts of the world. I admit I wan’t a big fan of season 4. The take down of “The Company” lost it’s luster midway through and it looked to me as if the writers ran out of original ideas. The entire season were threats of going back to prison and for some reason the group was scared. Why? They managed to break out of two prisons that were thought to be escape-proof. The backstabbing and double-crossing in the real world was not nearly as entertaining as it was in the prison episodes. Prison Break ended on a sour note for me, for a series that started with such a unique first two season it went downhill after that, But with news of a revival in early 2017, fans are now intrigued about what the future holds. I never believed that Scofield was dead but to see him back in prison does bring joy to my heart. The roles are reversed as Linc is now the one on the outside, but much like Season 3, he doesn’t have the mental capacity to get the job done so it leaves me to believe that many of the old cast members will be back to help save Michael. My fear is that since it’s Fox they might make the same mistake they did with 24. As great as that show was, the execs let it stay on the shelves too long and when it did return it lost its luster. Prison Break’s characters are still young, unlike Kiefer Sutherland so the time away won’t hurt as much but the writers must blow us away with an amazing story. Per the previews, we can see that Sarah has adapted to life without Micheal. Is she involved with anyone, has she removed herself from the “I need a thug” mentality? When Season 4 ended, there weren’t many questions unanswered but now that it’s coming back we are left to wonder. How much time has went by, where the hell has Michael been, is C-Note still working for UPS and what about Sucre and his family. The character I want to now about is T-Bag. He was a hated man but I loved his part in the grand scheme of things. I can’t wait until January to see if they will put it all on the line for the man who done the same for them. I just hope Fox doesn’t screw this one up as well.

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