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Selling Your Home? Will Investing in Some Upgrades Make a Difference?

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The kids are grown and the house feels a little empty these days. Instead of rattling around in all that space you never plan on using again, why not consider selling the place and purchasing a smaller home?

Before you talk with a real estate agent, think about making a few upgrades. Here are some specific areas to address and what choosing to make some some changes will do in terms of selling the home sooner rather than later.

Taking a Critical Look at Your Home Heating and Cooling System

One of the first areas to address is the state of your heating and cooling systems. How long have they been in place?

Do they still provide a reasonable level of comfort during the summer and winter? What about the amount of energy the systems consume during those seasons? If they are offering excellent service and the energy costs are reasonable, leaving the furnace or central heating and cooling system in place makes sense.

When those questions make you pause, rest assured potential buyers will do the same. It would be a good idea to arrange a consultation with an Edmonton Heating & Cooling Contractor offering Air Conditioner, Furnace Installation & Upgrade and Water Filtration services.

If some changes are in order, the contractor can make suggestions that are sure to boost the appeal of the home.

Would You Buy a House With The Same Plumbing System?

Along with the heating and cooling systems, engage in an honest assessment of your home plumbing. Have you been happy with the general performance? For example, is the water pressure adequate?

Is there a filtration system installed that allows you to use water straight from the tap?

Remember to include the water heater in your assessment.

If the unit still provides plenty of hot water when you need it and does not consume a lot of energy, it’s fine to leave it in place. A water heater that performs poorly could be enough to make a prospective buyer think twice about submitting an offer.

Try to step back and see the plumbing through the eyes of a potential buyer. In their shoes, would the system be a plus or a cause for concern? When your response is the latter, take that as a sign to contact a professional and get some advice.

After you check these and other features of the home, you may find that very little needs to change. At other times, you will need advice from a professional who can offer suggestions about Vancouver Simplygreen whole house water filters, furnace repair and air conditioners installation.

Remember that buyers tend to gravitate to homes that they can move into and not have to make any major upgrades during those first few years. By choosing to make them yourself, the odds of selling the home quickly and enjoying more profit from the sale are much higher.

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