6 Most Creative Events of 2019

Events are a great way to showcase your product or services to the massive size of the audience. Whether organized on any scale or level, the event brings together people of all demographics, industry, and profession together. This way, it enables them to interact better and understand your product or services. Hence, it is essential to come up with a perfect event that resonates and interest the audience. It could be a mesmerizing venue, ecstatic theme, attention-grabbing content, eminent guest speaker, or a creatively designed and professionally implemented event signage that can genuinely impress the attendees. Indulging these elements is the key to accomplishing the successful events and influences the mind of customers in taking purchase-decision.

Types of Creative Events

Business Conferences

Business conferences are conducted to discuss agenda, future goals, improve relationships with clients, and discuss ways to increase revenue. These events work remarkably well to organize and channelize amplified efforts toward a common goal.

Product Launch

Product launches go beyond the horizons of marketing and advertising products. It reaches and centers the latest products from the company within the consumers, thus, making them aware of features, product traits, and highlighting their importance in their lives. This way, the consumer could directly interact and share their valuable feedback about the product.


Exhibitions are a general display of products, arts, books, and many other items. These events are generally conducted in large areas to accommodate the products on a high level and to allow people to make their way to see the displayed items.


No doubt, grabbing the attention of the people is not a simple thing to do. Either put a lot of money in advertising or come up with out of box ideas. Roadshows could be the ideal bet to engage with the target customers. Roadshows events create buzz and magnets people from miles.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremonies are the events to highlight and recognize individuals with exceptional and outstanding performance. It helps improve the performance and self-confidence of employees and assure them a prosperous future.


Educational institutions precisely organize seminars. Workshops are primarily focused on enhancing the knowledge of people about a subject by demonstrating empirical and proven practices. These kinds of events are less formal but embrace research and study among participants.


Auctions are the way to generate and raise money for a specific goal. For this purpose, the items are put on sale and people willing to pay the highest amount, bid for the item.

Tips to Organize Extraordinary Events

There is no secret mantra to organize jaw-dropping successful events. All it takes is careful planning combined with flawless execution. However, follow these tips will make sure you stay right on the track. Take a Look!

Choosing Venue

The venue is an exceptionally critical part of your plan to accomplish the perfect event. The ambiance of the event dramatically affects the thought process, perception, and concentration level of the audience. Hence, the place should be taken into consideration, often looking at these factors. Plus, space and comfort should be kept in mind while choosing the venue.

Setting a Target

There should be careful consideration of the objective of the event. Understanding the aim of activities can help choose the appropriate type of creative activities to target your audience.

Deciding the Theme

After determining the theme and purpose of the event, the needle points toward choosing the right item for the game. Whether it could be an annual party, employee appreciation, business meetings, and any other events, the theme should be picked that dramatically aligns with the vision in your head.

Planning Well

The great philosopher has rightly said it- Aristotle, “Well Begun is half done’. So, a well-thought plan should be on your priority list. There should be a balanced approach in every segment of the planning.

Determining ROI

Organizing a significant event is exceptionally costly, and you would need a high budget to get it done. Hence, you must assess the ROI and figure out whether the expenditure adds value or not.

10 Great Examples of Creative Events

  1. Jetblue’s Ice Breaker

Jetblue, with its experiential event marketing campaign, was able to create a stir among the people. In an attempt to promote its flights from New York and Palm Springs, the flight major construed its promotion through a six feet massive ice block consisting of summer accessories. The idea was to encourage people to choose the direct flight by indulging them in breaking the ice and taking the things they wanted. As it was ridiculously cold, people want to fly to warmer places, and there could be no better way to entice them to choose their flights.

  1. Oracle Code One Conference

The event is an excellent example of how likeminded people of similar interest groups together to focus and discuss emerging technologies. The event organized by tech giant Oracle saw developers from all around the world gathering to talk about the significance of programming languages such as open J9, Spring, Java open projects, Open Liberty, Appsody, and many others. It presented the developers a platform to exchange ideas, understand new technologies, and focus on new areas of development.

  1. Marketo’s Innovation in the Nation

Marketo’s Roadshow, even namely ‘Innovation in the nation,’ draws marketers around the world to collaborate, learn, and engage in the prospect of marketing. The event was fabulous at the same time attention-grabbing seeking industry leaders and experts their success stories.

  1. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple – the renowned name in the world of smartphones and wearable needs no introduction. The tech company in its product launch event at San Jose, California, invited developers to show the roadmap to immersive technology. Product launches are an excellent way to share knowledge, explore different perspectives, and gain valuable insights; this conference was quite successful in achieving those goals.

  1. SpaceX’s Yearly Holiday Party

SpaceX’s Yearly Holiday Party is organized by a space exploration agency owned by tech-inspired entrepreneur Elon Musk. While the company is used to making headlines with its innovative space flights and powerful rockets, but this time it was the Holiday Party that created the fury. The event saw employees, and critical people of the company enjoy the liberty and enjoy the party to the fullest.

  1. Google I/O Virtual Event

The event was carved at Mountain View, California, by search major Google. Attendees from across the nation geared up to participate in the event. Developers can understand the product from Google and can take hand-on experience. It also bridged the gap between developers and product designers. The event was extremely creative as PDs were sharing knowledge virtually through a Massive Smartphone Display mounted on a building.

In a nutshell

Throwing a perfect event is merely not a guesswork. The entire goal of creating a creative, fresh, playful, and memorable event is to transform brand perception. Hence, the interest and areas of the clients and prospects should be analyzed to carve the truly magical experience.


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