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Reggie McKenzie: Why the Raiders Need to Hit the Reset Button


(January 29, 2012 - Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America)
(January 29, 2012 – Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America)

The Oakland Raiders are one of the worst teams in the NFL. There is a talent deficiency on this squad and it shows.

Who is to blame for this debacle? Is it the head coach Dennis Allen? Or is it someone else?

The culprit is in the front office and his name is Reggie McKenzie.

McKenzie is the current general manager of the Raiders. You can make an argument that he is the worst in the league. He has wasted draft picks on Matt Flynn and Matt Schaub, two veteran quarterbacks that flopped.

His draft record has been spotty at best. The D.J. Hayden pick is not looking good because the kid can’t stay healthy. He did get Derek Carr in this draft, but there is little talent on the team.

That is not the coach, it is on the GM.

He got desperate and signed veterans such as James Jones and Justin Tuck to contracts. It is questionable how effective they have been up to this point.

If the first three games are any indication, this roster will be lucky to win four games.

All of the cap space accumulated over the last couple of seasons has been spent inefficiently. It is a talent-deficient roster. My question is how long will owner Mark Davis put up with this embarrassing play before he makes a move?

There is already buzz that Allen is in danger of losing his job. Frankly, if I was Allen, I would love to be fired. As bad as it may look, this is not his fault. He has made many mistakes during his short tenure.

However, if you don’t have a lot of talent on the roster, you aren’t going to win football games. That is on the GM, not the coach.

Unless Allen starts to win games, he will go in the next few weeks. McKenzie needs a scapegoat to cover for his poor tenure up to this point, and Allen is the perfect sacrifice. Tony Sparano would probably take over as interim head coach. I doubt that will make much of a difference on such a bad team.

Hopefully, Davis can see through the mirage and move the franchise in the right direction.

There is only one way for the Raiders to do that. The move would be getting rid of the architect that is responsible for this debacle.

Davis needs to fire McKenzie and start from scratch because he is not capable of rebuilding this team. He need to be meticulous when he starts the search for a new GM.

He has to hit his next GM hire out of the park because it will take a long time to undo the damage from McKenzie’s disastrous tenure.

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0 thoughts on “Reggie McKenzie: Why the Raiders Need to Hit the Reset Button

  1. I don’t know about that McKenzie isn’t as bad as he’s made out to be. Flynn and Schaub were traded for late round picks so obviously none were wasted.

    Flynn turned out to be what most thought he was a backup, not a starter. Schaub was a good bet to hold the position warm until Derek Carr was ready.

    There’s a foundation for the Raiders and the team brought in veteran running back Maurice Jones-Drew, signed James Jones, signed Justin Tuck, Carlos Rogers and LaMarr Woodley.

    So, he’s done the best he’s can with the resources that he has. It’s going to take time before the Raiders are even respectable.

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