The refresh button for human beings is an elusive one. Is it a night out at the club or a book and a warm beverage? Maybe it is an invigorating trip into the mountains, where life is uncluttered, and the simple joys find the spotlight. Add to it some mesmerizing scenery. Delhiites can consider themselves lucky as the city is well connected to the major hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Delhi to Manali is one such trip – a journey that is as unique as the destination itself.

The Delhi to Manali Route

The scenery along the route to Manali is electrifying. One is transported above the clouds at times, looking down the valley at the verdant slopes and the snow-capped peaks just beyond provide a finishing touch to this endearing natural portrait. The 530-km route takes one from the dusty northern plains to the lofty heights of the mountains. On the way, there are many idiosyncratic attractions, each worth a proper stop and detour.

Chandigarh is the last bastion of urbanity before one enters the lush countryside of HP – but what a unique city it is. It was designed by Le Corbusier and celebrates the aesthetics of modern design. It is a city that was visualized to represent a new India, and its monuments are some of the most distinctive ones visitors can find in the country. A drive around the city is recommended – even a night’s stay here. Major attractions include the Capitol complex and the Rock garden. As one traverses into the Himalayan foothills, Mandi ushers in the last stretch to Manali. Beyond, the Kullu Valley is a hub for adventure sport.

Attractions of Manali

The Himalayas have always been a magnet for the wandering soul, and Manali encapsulates that image. Travelers often use this as a base to explore the more secluded high-altitude reaches ahead, but the town itself maintains a perfect blend of bohemian harmony and old spiritual identity. Manali’s cafes will surprise the foodies – there is a wide spectrum of cuisines available, owing to the presence of international tourists. From Himachali thalis and succulent momos to English breakfast spreads, there is enough to please even the most discerning culinary expert.

Made of wood, the Hidimba temple is tucked in pristine forest and offers a different sight when compared to the Hindu temple architecture that one sees in the plains. The Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa Monastery is a beautiful recluse where one can observe quintessential Tibetan architecture.

Advantages of Self Drive

Informed travelers are choosing rentals for many good reasons. The best way to enjoy such road trips is in complete privacy and with the freedom to control the pace of the journey. With a self-drive rental, one can make stops and detours as they please. App-based Zoomcar is becoming a favorite for road-trippers across the country. A wide range of automobiles – hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs and assurances like 24/7 on-road support make this a hassle-free transport and comfortable option, especially for long distances. Other popular routes include Delhi to Rishikesh.

Manali is a gateway to the captivating beauty of Himachal’s high country, along with other great places to visit in Delhi. Get behind the wheel and relish this unforgettable journey.

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