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Relationships: 15 Simple And Creative Ways To Cheer Someone Up

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By Francesca Russo

There are days when you or your close person is fighting the blues. This time, you need someone to confide it and just to speak about what is in your soul.

I’ve pulled through such situations in my life only thanks to the support of my friends and family. Since then I’ve known how important it is to have someone, who’ll always embolden you.

So, if a dear person feels down, cheer him or her up. Simple words or actions are able to inspire, motivate and even change the life!

Review these ways to encourage someone, which have helped me. Probably, they’ll be beneficial for you too. So, step in and bring the smile back to the face of your mate!

1. Listen & give a hug: This obvious method is the simplest one, but in the meantime, it is highly effective. When the person is upset, all he needs is to be heard. So, offer an encouraging smile and be ready to listen.

Don’t interrupt in the middle of the story, put aside witty comments, just listen. Also, offer your advice and let the person know that this conversation isn’t a burden to you.

On top of that, ask questions, which will help your friend to vent. As a rule, it helps to get rid of stress and feel relief. And give a hug – it will release the hormones of happiness.

2. Present an unusual gift: Actually, unexpected gifts are always the most meaningful and pleasant. But don’t give trivial gifts such as money or household things. For instance, give an international symbol of origami – a small crane of happiness. It will be a symbol of the dream, which always comes true.

3. Give flowers: This is a universal sign of attention, which will take the mind off the misery and problems. But do not choose a bouquet of flowers, instead of it, give a plant. It will bloom for a long time and please the owner. Also, make the plant the symbol that embodies life, which goes on.

4. Read or send love poems for her/him: Verses are able to touch the strings of the soul and can help us to feel better. However, recite the verse in an unusual manner or do it in an unusual place. You will not only improve the mood of the person, but you will create happy memories.

Consequently, this day will be associated not with sadness, but with joy.

5. Plan a spontaneous holiday: If you know that your friend is struggling the battle, which takes away his strength, then you need to save him. A good way to distract is a getaway. Go to the lake, mountains, nature can soothe and restore balance.

Or you may organize a party. Because there’s no a special reason to get together with friends, isn’t it?

6. Cook the yummies: Everything a distressed person needs is attention. You can express it in different ways, one of them is preparing snacks. Cook your friend’s favorite food and pack it nicely. Deliver it yourself. Sometimes this surprise is enough to make the mate smile.

7. Retail therapy: If the girl feels bad, then take her to the mall. Nothing helps better than spending time on a guilty pleasure and buying a new bag or a pair of new shoes. To indulge in amusements is a working method to set a good mood.

8. Provide encouraging words: Do not underestimate the power of words. They can transmit positive vibes. Of course, you may say: “Never give up” or “everything’s gonna be ok,” but be creative! Send a person the card with a funny picture and a compliment, share entertaining videos and send cheer up quotes.

Also, you may send an email and include photos to show how much friendship means to you. It will brighten up the day.

9. Do offbeat things: The best way to get out of depression is to channel negative energy into something good and useful. Be engaged in a creative process. You may draw a picture with your fingers or visit a dance or cooking lesson, it will help to distract.

10. Take a stroll: Walking barefoot is useful not only for physical but also for emotional health. When you touch the earth with your bare feet, it’ll reduce stress and make you feel better. So, take your friend out, go to the beach or to the park and sink feet into the grass. It’s one of the best relaxing therapies.

11. Offer help: If tangible things upset your friend, you may reduce the load. Are there any financial problems? Use your imagination and fulfill original ideas. For instance, host a garage sale or offer up financial assistance.

Does your friend feel overwhelmed with parental duties? Do babysitting, it’ll help to catch a break.

12. Pamper the friend: During the hectic days we forget about ourselves and go beyond our physical and emotional capabilities, it causes depression and stress. In this case, it’s vital to dedicate at least one hour to yourself and make the world stop.

A great means for this is SPA. You may go to the SPA center or organize SPA procedures at home together with the friend. It doesn’t actually matter because the result will be the same – you’ll be refreshed, relaxed and full of energy.

13. Make him or her laugh: Laughter may heal almost every emotional trauma:

Laughter has got to be the single healthiest activity one can perform. Just think how healthy you would be if you could sincerely laugh at that which now oppresses you. (Darrell Calkins).

Help your friend to look at the problem from another angle and he will have a nice chuckle. Besides, you may do some interesting things, e.g. watch a comedy.

Or you may put some effort and create a video with funny moments together with your friend. It will not only be a tool to cheer up, but it will remain a valuable gift. Each time your mate feels bad, he may watch it over and over again.

14. Help others together: A great remedy for a sad person is to make him feel needed. He should realize that there are people, who also need help. You may attend charity events, go to a shelter for dogs, a nursing home or an orphanage together.

Awareness of how others are happy to see you, thank you for help and appreciate everything you do is the best medicine for sadness. This activity will raise the self-esteem and will help to gain a new perspective on life.

15. Redecorate: If you want to encourage your mate to forget about the problems, then help him to change the interior. A fresh coat of paint, new curtains, a vase with a bouquet of flowers and a new dressing table are capable of doing wonders! The person will feel an inspiration to succeed.

So, these tips will help you to show your friend that he isn’t alone in this world and there’s always someone, who offers a shoulder to cry on. Because the main purpose of support is attention. Do you agree?

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