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Relationships: Where To Go on a First Date

Finding the perfect partner in life isn’t easy. In fact, it can be quite a challenge. If you believed every movie you’ve ever watched you’d think it was easy and just happened like magic, or more damaging, destiny. The truth is that dating isn’t destiny, it’s actually the opposite. You generally have to work hard at finding your soul mate and there will be several cracks at the whip before you succeed.

The first obstacle is finding the confidence to talk to a woman. The cold approach is a great way to meet women and has proved to be successful for many men. If you’ve managed to overcome the first hurdle of dating (that ever important first meeting) and are looking for inspiration as to what you can do for your first date, here are some ideas:

Take Her for a Walk

You’ll need to do some research for this one because it’s not something every first date will be in to. Is your potential date the outdoors type and is she going to be up for a hike? She might actually prefer a gentle stroll rather than a strenuous hill climb. While you’re walking, there will be ample opportunity for conversation. Give her plenty of warning of your plans as you’ll be rather embarrassed if she turns up in heels and a mini-skirt. Also check the weather as a day trudging in the rain is not going to lend itself well to another date.

Watch a Live Show

What you choose to watch is going to be dependent on her taste but there are several options. The theater, a live music gig, a comedy show, or a musical are great ways to spend the evening with someone new. You’ll get the chance to enjoy a chat during the interval and perhaps include dinner before or after the show.

Watch a Sporting Event

It’s easy to buy tickets for almost any sporting event online. Find out whether she’s got a favorite and buy the best tickets your budget allows. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to find out more about each other and because of the activity going on around you there won’t be any awkward and embarrassing silences.

Enjoy a Spot of Karaoke

Being able to belt out a favorite tune is an amazing feeling. It can be a fun evening in your local bar and can make the most introverted person come out of their shell. Of course, it’s not for everyone but it’s a great way to spend an evening, even if your date decides she doesn’t want to sing.

Go Bowling

Try combining a fun activity like bowling with your conversation and it’s a recipe for a successful first date. It won’t break the bank and you can increase the fun by placing bets on your games.

This is a small selection activities you can do for your first date. So many couples choose to go out for dinner or drinks and it’s become rather boring. Far better to try something different as long as there are lots of opportunities for you to talk and find out more about each other.

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