When you decide to spend your vacation in Florida in the United States there are many things you must think and plan. The search for air tickets, the city you want to reach, accommodation, luggage, travel insurance, itinerary, places you want to visit, among many other aspects. That’s why in this post we want to give you a few recommendations so you do not forget anything.

Flight tickets

When looking for airline tickets, you have to be strategic and look at several options of airlines and destination cities, since the cost varies depending on the time of the year in which you travel. And if you want to reach a central point within Florida, the best option is Fort Lauderdale, since it is only about 1 hour from Miami and is a very good place to visit many tourist attractions on the east coast of Florida. However, the tickets to the Miami International Airport can be much cheaper from your country of origin, where you can rent a car to get to your accommodation in Fort Lauderdale without problems. This way you can save during your vacation.

Rent a car – The ideal way to get around Florida

Another aspect that we sometimes forget about planning is how we will move around our destination. In general we ask ourselves this question when we arrive at the airport and we are collecting our bags in the belt. There we realize that the distances are too long to pay a taxi or Uber from one place to another. Also, using public transportation may take away precious time that you could use to get to know more places.

Therefore, renting a car is a good, economical decision that will make the trip more enjoyable, as there will be no concern that you miss the public transport or that there are no available routes to the places we want to visit, in addition to other advantages of renting a car when traveling.

When choosing it is important that you contract with a reliable agency that provides comfort and different alternatives. Once you choose the one that suits you and your traveling companions, check with the company the documents that must be presented when picking up the car, which are usually: driving license, credit card with the name of the holder of the reservation, the passport and the round-trip tickets.

When you are searching for your car remember to go a little deeper into the rates offered by these companies, as they may vary depending on whether or not it includes insurance and the type of coverage. In addition to other comfort options such as GPS, gas tank, baby seat, among others.

As a traveler, do not forget that regardless of the region of the United States that you are going to visit, it is compulsory to purchase insurance to get around in the car. The CDW is what we call “the basic insurance” or mandatory that covers the damages on the rented vehicle in case of accident. This is already included in some rates at the moment of booking. I recommend buying it online, because if you decide to buy it at the time of picking up the vehicle, it is likely to cost more.

What clothes to take to your Fort Lauderdale vacation?

Following the checklist, when traveling, it is important to bring suitable clothes for all occasions that may arise during the trip. Without a doubt your bathing suit and beach towel are indispensable. We have to think very well about what things we are going to really need and not exaggerate in the amounts of things so as not to carry an excess of luggage.

Remember that Florida is a shopping paradise, so on a trip like this, there is sometimes a lack of space to pack all the things we buy, and we end up suffering from weighing the suitcase on the way back. So be practical and leave space for gifts and everything you want to buy on your vacation!

4 places you must not miss in Fort Lauderdale

In Fort Lauderdale you can visit beaches, museums and restaurants, where you can take all the time you want if you decided to rent a car and have the freedom to move at your own pace. And since there are many places that you must include in your itinerary, here are 4 that are must see.

The Little Havana

Little Havana, is located in Miami about 1 hour from Fort Lauderdale. This area has an air that transports you to the old Cuba, with a touch of sauce and aroma of coffee. It is a neighborhood known for being the place of arrival of the exiles of the Cuban Revolution. Here you can learn about history and delight your palate with exquisite original dishes of the island.

Wynwood Walls

This place is also about 1 hour from Fort Lauderdale and has become an icon in Miami and the favorite of those who visit the area. Wynwood Walls is a gallery of outdoor murals that rotates to give new artists the opportunity to show their art. Admission is free and you can spend the time you want admiring the murals or inside the shops where you can buy some works of artists on display.

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, is a space surrounded by numerous palm trees that offers on one side, the possibility of enjoying a quiet beach, crystal clear waters and beautiful sunsets, and on the other side, a corridor with a variety of boutiques, restaurants and bars. An ideal place to enjoy a day with a variety of panoramas.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

A day of relaxation cannot be missing from your itinerary and for this there is no better place than the beach. Fort Lauderdale Beach has 11 kilometers of white sand, a sea with warm waters and so calm that it looks like a pool. In case you want to go out and visit other nearby beaches, we recommend Las Olas Beach, Hollywood Beach, Rivera Beach and Juno Beach.

This is just a brushstroke of the variety of places to get to know in Florida and reaching them would be much harder without your own rental vehicle.

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