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Should you use tear remover on your dog?

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Dog tear stains are common in most dog species and can be both aesthetically unpleasing as well as cause health issues if left untreated. Many pet owners have faced the challenge of trying to remove tear stains around the eyes or prevent their dogs for over tearing using a variety of methods. English Bulldogs are especially susceptible to over tearing or ‘epiphoria’, which is its medical term. 

Pet owners have tried everything from changing their dog’s diet to using tear removers to try and stop their pets from over tearing. These methods are not only ineffective but can actually cause more harm than good. Generic tear removers can have many types of chemicals that can cause further irritation and in turn, increase tear leakage rather than curtailing it. 

Using a pet-recommended tear remover on your dog is always recommended as these tear removers are designed specifically for your furry friends and cannot only remove tear stains but can also prevent eye leakage and discharge. 

The most effective product right now on the market for curing tear stains and preventing epiphoria is the natural tear stain removal by Pureyes. PurEyes 100% Natural Tear Stain Remover contains no antibiotics, alcohols, or sulfates. It has all natural ingredients that help remove tear stains and keep your dog or cat looking healthy and fresh. 


Say goodbye to those ugly tear stains on your dog’s otherwise perfect face! Unlike traditional tear removers that should never be used on your dog or cat PurEyes has been designed specifically for pets and can be used to treat pet chin acne, pet urine stains and pet saliva stains making it a must-have product for all dog and cat owners. 

Tear stains can make your dog look much older and almost hungover at times. It can also cause your loyal companion much irritation and discomfort if left untreated. Treating tear stains or epiphoria is no longer a dilemma or a challenge for pet owners. Using PurEyes you will start seeing results in a month and the transformation on your pet’s face is truly remarkable and evident.

The use of all-natural ingredients in essential especially when it comes to matters concerning eyes whether it be that of humans or animals. Spending that little bit of time in doing your research and due diligence will often result in one making the right purchase that is most adequate for their pet’s needs. 

Using a tear remover on your dog that is not designed for pets can be damaging and often ineffective as they do not contain the ingredients necessary to deal with pet epiphoria. PurEyes has quickly become the most effective and recommended tear remover for pets on the market with fantastic testimonials and feedback. 

Get rid of those ugly stains and help improve your dog’s confidence and health with PurEyes Tear Remover. The product is by far the most effective way of removing tear stains and having your dog feeling and looking young again.

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