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Social justice warrior.SJW. #MeToo activist. you know who you are.

You flooded social media with your outrage and anger over whatever tickles your big boy panties, or whatever is trending, whichever is convenient to make yourself seem “engaged”, “activated” or whatever buzzword is trending on Twitter or Instagram.

As many of you now probably expressing your latest fit of fake triggered outrage over the report of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster and his girlfriend Elissa Ennis recanting her accusation of domestic violence against the former Crimson Tide star allegedly beating her up on Feb. 11, when she told police and hospital officials that he attacked her in Los Gatos.

As per the norm in today’s Insta-culture of overreaction, knee-jerk decisions and being guilty before being proven innocent online—and not in a legal court of law in front of one’s peers, YOU SJW’S are to blame for the non-stop slandering and smearing of another man’s reputation.

Take a fucking bow, you keyboard warrior clowns!

More than likely, I’ll take a guess that all of you did everything in your power to ensure that Foster never see an NFL gridiron, arrange a “protest” outside of the headquarters of whichever team did, and curse, smear and shame them without getting your damn facts straight.

Sad, that in today’s society, and especially if you’re black like both me and Foster that you are guilty UNTIL proven innocent.

Like all of you surely also did, you proclaimed your false white knighthood in hashtagging #metoo or proverbially emasculating yourself in calling yourself a “feminist” rallying behind Ennis’ fake cause.

Again, and FOR THE RECORD, I am for women’s rights, against any form of assault on women and for gender equality, but this modern day example of crying wolf and exploiting your fake victim hood is a major step back for #MeToo, its true victims and will take victim-shaming to a whole new–and uglier–level.

I’m not victim-shaming Ennis. I can’t because she never was one, but someone needs to hold her and her petty and immature actions accountable. Just to make the purpose of this op-ed clear, this is to call out and question the dumb SJW idiots who gave her such a undeserving platform.

You know what it’s called when one person falsely accuses another of a crime? Slander. It’s also called filing a false police report and defamation of character too.

Per California filing a false police report is a misdemeanor punishable with up to six months in jail, “Penalties for Making a False Report of a Crime. Penal Code 148.5 PC makes it a misdemeanor to make a false report of a crime to the police or other authorities. As a misdemeanor, a person convicted faces up to six months in county jail.”

I’m not sure if this is something that Foster and his legal team are exploring, but it should definitely be something worth looking into. Additionally, with Ennis recanting her story, Foster should seek personal damages as well.

At one point, Foster was projected as a top-ten pick coming out of Alabama, and was set to make first-round type of money. When reports began to surface of his alleged assault on Ennis, teams shied away and passed on him because of it.

Fortunately, San Francisco decided to gamble on him in selecting him 31st overall , towards the end of the first. But by then, the damage had already been done. Yes, there were character concerns and issues about the 6’1, 228-pounder, but the talent was there.

As per today’s SJW-driven, social media-driven culture, fans moaned, protested and expressed their “outrage” over his pick.

Fast forward one year later, you have to wonder how these morons feel about bashing an innocent man now.

Hmmm…makes you think, doesn’t it.

Sadly, in the case of many SJW’s they don’t. They just to selectively overreact from their smart devices and #hashtag their outrage instead of doing proper research before hitting send, tweet, share or whatever social media platform tickles their fancy.

Are these so-called keyboard warriors of justice out for real justice and facts, are are they just “activists” hopping on the latest bandwagon that everyone is talking about online.

Personally, that is what REALLY pisses me–and many others–off about this self-righteous and uninformed douchbags.

For the #MeToo real victims of assault, my heart truly goes out to you, and know that INSCMagazine will forever champion your cause for bringing it to greater awareness of the plight of today’s modern-day woman in The Age Of Trump.

Sadly going forward, for every Jane Doe who is a real #MeToo victim, there will now be Elissa Ennis’ who will attract skepticism as to whether they are real victims or opportunistic gold-diggers looking for fame, attention or money.

It is truly sad and unfortunate that such a noble and just cause such as #MeToo that was founded and established by Tarana Burke is slowly getting hijacked by such petty, self-serving and opportunistic fake feminist, woman’s rights individuals such as Ennis, who are interested only in exploiting it for their own personal vendettas.

I know this is not what Ms. Burke had in mind in giving a voice to real victims.

Hopefully, Ennis is brought to justice and Foster is rightfully exonerated. Sadly, in the world of social media, proving one’s own innocence after being falsely accused isn’t as easy and hitting “send”

Thank you, SJW’s!

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