Student Visas like F1 and M1 are hard to obtain and requires enormous responsibilities. F1 visas are for students who are attending an English language program or academic program, while M1 permits are for vocational and technical schools. These visas are essential for students who wish to study abroad.

Foreign exchange students have guardians or what they call a Designated School Official (DSO). DSO’s play a significant role on a non-immigrant student. They are the ones who keep track of you, they serve as your guide and parent, and also, they are the ones who keep you informed about the law, the rules, and regulations of having a student visa.

There are specific rules and regulations on having a student visa, and here are the things that an international student shouldn’t violate when having one.

Working Without Authorization

You applied for a student visa, thus making you unable to seek employment. As a student and a non-immigrant person, your right to work in a foreign country is strictly limited. If you applied for work without any authorization coming from your DSO, you could be in big trouble.

Working on a student visa could seriously harm you. The immigration will have the right to ban you from entering the country again. If your DSO doesn’t know about your employment status, he or she must report your actions to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

Fraudulent Of Documents

Giving out false information, concealing of relevant facts, using fake identities, and fabricated documents are grave crimes. Visa fraudulent is one of the top priorities of any immigration officials as foreigners frequently attempt it to gain better opportunities.

Another problem for F1 applicants are the financial documents of the money that they use. Immigrant officials proved a lot of cases reflecting that the funds of some student visa applicants are not theirs. This action constitutes fraud.

Marriage Fraud

Marriage fraudulent is abundant in foreign countries, which mostly happens with an international student. 8,000 applications for marriage in a year are from international students who happen to be studying abroad. Young international students intentionally marry any foreign citizen for their benefits or to achieve citizenship.

In that way, marrying a citizen could make their lives easier. Your DSO doesn’t have the right to cover you up with this violation. He or she absolutely can’t help you with this. Marriage fraudulent is also a federal offence that could put you in jail, and you won’t be able to re-enter the same country again.


Applying for a student visa requires serious obligations and responsibilities. Lawyers and the government will be a part of your application. If you feel the need of having an attorney, you can visit for inquiries and services. It is a reliable site for people who are in need of lawyers.

It is always essential that if you’re an international student, you have to follow the rules and regulations for the betterment of yourself and your future. Don’t risk a bright future for a temporary gain, follow the law and you’ll be one step closer to realizing that dream.

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