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Recover Deleted Files For Free With EaseUS File Recovery Software

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Deleting files and data is the one thing that human cannot solve it and it is a painful thing that you delete your important files and data accidentally Nowadays computers are more sophisticated that manage all our data and files but because of human data will be lost accidentally that data which is very important for us and we don’t have any backup So don’t worry if you are facing this problem the first and last solution is EaseUS file recovery software this software is the best hard drive recovery software you can recover your all-important files and data with the help of EaseUS file recovery software.

EaseUS hard drive recovery software is the free tool that offers the free download and installs the file recovery software with the help of this tool you can scan your computer and recover all types of deleted files. EaseUS hard drive recovery software available for Apple, MAC and also for Windows users. This software easily recovers your deleted files, family pictures, office documents, important videos and many more like formatting, partition loss, any virus attack and other data loss.

The EaseUS File Recovery Software Offers Following Functions:

  • Recovery Of Accidental Deleted Files/Data:

EaseUS file recovery software recovers data that is deleted accidentally or deleted by any virus attack all the files recovered by this software.

  • Recovery Of Formatted Data:

You have always a great opportunity to recover your formatted data because formatting a disk does not delete disk data it deletes only data from the address tables.

  • Recover Data From Empty Recycle Bin:

If you want to get back your deleted data and also deleted from Recycle Bin then EaseUS hard drive recovery software will help you because all the data deleted from recycle bin is not permanently damaged.

  • Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk:

When the hard disk is damaged accidentally then you don’t use your hard disk and it becomes an inaccessible in this condition EaseUS hard drive recovery software will help you to recover your data from your damaged hard drive.

  • Data Recovered From Virus Attacks:

Nowadays there are too many dangerous viruses that easily attack your computer this EaseUS file recovery software recover your all virus attacked data easily and quickly.

  • Recover Operating System Failures:

You cannot access your data if your windows do not start EaseUS hard drive recovery software gives you WinPE to create boot media with the help of this you can recover your data.

How EaseUS Hard Drive Recovery Software Works:

EaseUS file recovery software is very easy in use. In the start, you have to download and install the EaseUS hard drive recovery software on to your computer or MAC. Before starting the software you have to confirm that you inserted the drive from where you want to recover your deleted files or data.

When you start the EaseUS file recovery software you have to find and select the drive that you need to scan for accidentally deleted or formatted files. EaseUS hard drive recovery software runs the two types of scan first one is a quick scan and the second one named as the deep scan. A quick find the deleted files or permanently cleared from your recycle bin also. After this quick scan immediately a deep scan will start and it will take much longer time to find the other deleted files that missed the quick scan.

When the scan completed find the files and select all the files that you want to recover and then click on the recover button.

After all the process your all selected files are recovered and you can use all your files. Remember that the free version of EaseUS file recovery software allows you to recover data up to 2GB. EaseUS hard drive recovery software is the best software if you have not used this store then I suggest you use it.

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