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Is It Time For Rey Mysterio To Hang Up The Wrestling Boots?

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It’s about time Rey Mysterio Jr. hang up his wrestling boots. At 42 years of age, he’s definitely way past his prime. At what point is time to call it a career?

Mysterio recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his future in wrestling. He revealed to the magazine that he’d consider working for Impact Wrestling on a date by date basis. While it’s great to see he wants to continue his career, going to Impact is a real head scratcher.

Already a legend in the wrestling business, Mysterio has very little left to accomplish. He’s been with ECW, WCW, WWE, Lucha Underground, and several organizations across Mexico.

It makes no logical sense for him to continue his Hall of Fame career in Impact, especially given his injury history.

You can tell Mysterio isn’t the same wrestler he once was. His Lucha Underground matches are quite boring. Other wrestlers need to carry him throughout the match.

At Ultima Lucha Dos, Prince Puma ( King Ricochet ) did all he could to will Mysterio to a five-star match, but the end result was rather disappointing.

I’m probably the biggest Rey Mysterio fan you’ll find. I’ve followed his career from ECW to Lucha Underground. I’m starting to feel a little let down by his recent matches. He’s not the same wrestler, and it’s not fun to watch anymore.

Of course, there are some matches fans want to see. There’s the obvious second match against Caristico (otherwise known as Mystico and the original Sin Cara in WWE). Also on Mysterio’s schedule is a match against Marty Scurll.

In addition, there will be an upcoming match at Ultima Lucha Tres with Matanza.

Beyond the season three finale of Lucha Underground, the future of Mysterio is unknown. He could go to Impact Wrestling on a date by date basis, but, with the way that company has been, it might be for his own good not to go.

On the other hand, Mysterio could return to WWE and help push the Cruiserweight division in a very limited role. At the very least he signs a legends deal with WWE and receives his much earned Hall of Fame induction.

Quite frankly, Rey Mysterio is set for life. He’s a dedicated wrestler that deserves to perform for as long as his body tell him he can go. He’s doing himself no favors by joining Impact Wrestling because that’s not going to advance his career in the slightest.

If Rey Mysterio were to continue his career, he should stay with Lucha Underground and become Champion of that organization. The fans are more dedicated to the Mexican style of wrestling Rey is accustomed to.

There’s also the possibility of going back to WWE to earn himself another title and cement his legacy as one of the companies all-time greats.

Whatever he decides is his choice, just make the right decision on your future, Rey. You’ve left a legacy in the wrestling business. Nobody wants to see you fade into obscurity.

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