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x-flight wing coaster at Six Flags
X-Flight - Six Flags Great America

Is X-Flight A Better Wing Coaster Than Gatekeeper?

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X-flight at Six Flags Great America is one hell of a coaster. Some call it the best ride at the park. While I wouldn’t say that, it’s definitely a top-notch wing coaster.

With wing coasters becoming more and more popular in the United States, X-flight fits right in. Manufactured by B&M, this coaster has a lot in common with other wing coasters, especially Gatekeeper at Cedar Point.

I’m a Platinum Pass holder at Cedar Point, so I know my way around Gatekeeper. When I got onto X-flight I didn’t know if it wasn’t going to live up to the hype, or if I’d still prefer Gatekeeper. Well, after a few rides on X-Flight it’s safe to say I have a new favorite wing coaster.

Let’s start off with theming. X-flight is themed around flight. It has got the feel of an army base. Beautiful designs on the track as well, including some great architecture on the near miss elements. Compared to Gatekeeper, X-flight has a lot more to look at.

As for the ride itself, I found X-flight to be a lot more intense. The near miss elements on X- flight are a lot closer to the ground than Gatekeeper, adding more to the suspense of whether you’re going to hit something. In addition, X-flight’s near miss elements are a lot more themed than Gatekeeper’s key holes.

Both Gatekeeper and X-flight start with a dive drop, although I found X-flight to be a lot more intense (Don’t ask me why). Both also feature immelman loops and zero G rolls but once again I prefer X-flight.

It’s strange that I prefer X-flight over Gatekeeper. In terms of length of ride, Gatekeeper is over a minute longer and Is about 15 mph faster. I just felt a lot more force on X-Flight.

Both Gatekeeper and X-Flight are amazing coasters. If I had to choose I’d obviously say X-Flight is my favorite. Although, if you’re looking for a longer ride that isn’t as intense, you might want to choose Gatekeeper. Whichever one you choose you won’t be disappointed.

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