So for the budget of 30,000 Yuan, are you choosing gold or diamond ring? Let me tell you how to choose.

If the budget of 30,000 Yuan allows you to buy gold personalized jewelry, of course, it is best to choose gold jewelry, because gold is sold at a price of gram, unlike diamonds, there is no fixed price.


1. When gold is worn, it can be changed if you don’t want to wear it later, while diamonds can rarely be changed. Some individual merchants can redeem them, but they all have to add money to change styles.

2, the price of diamonds is opaque, when you have been bought that means that is a loss of money. 30,000 Yuan of diamonds you buy back and then want to sell can not sell the price, compared to the gold is far worse, the least loss of two-thirds, that is, 30,000 ‘s diamond ring can be worth ten thousand or eight thousand, and some diamond rings are worthless for thousands.


3, If you do not want to wear gold name ring, you can exchange money. The price and sales price fluctuate around 30-50 per gram, according to the current gold price of 300 per gram, 3w

 can buy 100 grams of gold jewelry.

100 grams of gold jewelry can be realized if the emergency money is used later. If the calculation is based on the maximum loss of 50 grams, 100 grams will lose 5000 Yuan, While diamonds will lose at least 2w, which is more cost-effective than diamonds.


You said that when you choose jewelry, you can choose gold or diamonds. Of course, it is best to choose gold jewelry.

4, the diamond does not preserve the value, when you wear a long time ,it will be outdated, and you want to change it, but it can’t, even if you can change it, you will pay extra for it. Unlike gold, you can change and just pay the processing fee at any time. Anyone can wear it to choose another gold custom birthstone rings.

5, gold can be passed on to the next generation, while diamond that you want to pass on to the family is not suitable. For example: diamond ring size, bracelet diameter, necklace length, etc. is not necessarily suitable for the family to wear.


Diamonds are also exchanged as marriage suits when they are married. We found that many diamonds worn by the wedding ring and didn’t wear since that. They have been replaced with gold. Gold is the enduring hard currency. Whenever you can wear, but can also pass on to the next generation.

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