Many professional retail forex traders use a Virtual Private Server to enhance their trading systems. RouterHosting is now offering supersonic low-latency Forex trading hosting aimed at helping ambitious trader professional and institutional traders around the world.

A Virtual Private Server, is a must-have tool in every forex trader’s toolbox, especially those professionals who have enhanced automated robots helping in their trades. This specialized virtual machine, called a Forex VPS, is a special emulation of a server that works independently on a server through modern virtualization technologies. Despite the fact that every physical server hosts several Forex VPS machines, this technology prohibits different VPS machine from competing over resources and starvation. Traders are always looking for an effective solution that boosts their order execution speed, and bot performance. RouterHosting offers Forex VPS servers with powerful hardware that enhance processing speed and reliability. High-speed connectivity is ensured, serving trading firms, investment banks as well individual algorithmic traders. Although, they offer this solution at very low prices and even offer forex VPS to those who do retail trading.

For latency-critical strategies, they have placed their servers in datacenters with the least network distance form forex trading hubs around the world. These servers are especially configured to create a fast and stable environment for trading applications. The KVM virtualization technology used ensures that speed and performance of each machine is protected and guaranteed, by giving each VPS its own dedicated resources.

“We have been in this business since before forex trading was so big and before cryptocurrencies were invented,” explains the CEO and founder of the firm, Hannan Nozari. “With our experience, we are able to find and offer new types of specialized VPS for different purposes, and do that cheaply. What we want with this solution is to help all traders to connect to their brokerage with extremely low latency and be sure about their platform. Our team not only focus on providing 24/7 excellent customer support, but we also make sure that all hardware are top-grade and all services are highly-secure. We even provide DDoS protection(Cheap DDoS protected VPS) so that people can be sure that nothing can push them away from the live market, with 99.9% uptime. On top of that, we have a 7-day money-back guarantee policy so everyone can make a safe and sure choice.” [Check This: best forex vps 2020 List ]

About The Company

RouterHosting is a Virtual Private Server provider who have been around since 2008, carrying with them over a decade of experience in providing VPS services. They are known for their customer care and support, and offer various types of specialized VPS. Another significant feature the extremely low price of services, even to the point of offering Windows operating system on their services for free. This is a great plus for forex traders who their main tools and software mostly run on Windows. The company offers 15 different locations for traders to select from including New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Singapore. More details about the company’s services can be found at:

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