As a small business owner, you are juggling many different roles. Though managing things like invoice factoring and stock levels is relatively straightforward once you have good systems in place, HR can be endlessly ricky due to the human element involved.

Your people are simultaneously one of your highest operational costs and the most complex to manage. When you buy a new computer system, you can weigh up the pros, cons, and reviews to gain an understanding of what to expect. With a staff member, it’s a little more complicated than that. Here’s what you can do to simplify the inherent complexity of HR management:

Set up a Robust Payroll System

An employee who hasn’t been paid is rarely a happy worker! Even if your staff love their job and get a lot of joy from coming to work, they are also there because they have bills to pay.

By implementing payroll software designed for small businesses, you can manage staff leave, track time and attendance, schedule staff members, and distribute payslips with ease. The right software can also help you ensure that you meet all of your compliance requirements around rostered hours, minimum wages, and annual and sick leave.

Hire the Right Staff for the Job

Hiring the right people to build your team can save you significantly in time and money. Remember, you are looking for someone who fits in with the core company values and brings the right experience to the role. It is easier to train someone to handle a certain cash register than to change someone’s personality!

If you can, try to give yourself enough time to interview a range of different people and even get them in for a trial. It can help get a second opinion from someone you trust too before you make the final decision.

Demonstrate that you Value your Staff

Once you have found good staff, you need to keep them! People often assume the only way to show employees that they are valued is to pay them more money, but this is not the case.

If you aren’t in a position to hand out pay rises, you can show your appreciation through things like:

  • A staff member of the month award

  • Employee benefits

  • Flexible rosters

  • Flexibility around annual leave

Even a simple gesture such as a heartfelt thank you or a beautiful gourmet hamper will go a long way toward making someone feel special and valued.

Set Performance Targets

As a small business owner, you can generally only afford to bring on new staff members if they are pulling their weight. To ensure that there are clear expectations about what employees need to achieve, it is beneficial to set performance targets.

By setting goals, you open up the floor for frank conversations about what you expect and how people are performing within their roles. These are both areas that can be tricky to navigate in a small team!

Get Your Files in Order

Having a well-thought-out filing system for your human resources paperwork has many advantages. It helps you ensure that confidential employee information remains confidential. It also means you will always have the information you need on hand at any given time – no scrambling around for half an hour to find a staff member’s mobile phone number to call them in for a shift.

If you take care of your human resources and foster inclusive employment practices, they will take care of you and your business by working hard and giving their best. What do you need to do differently when it comes to HR?

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