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Sam Hinkie To Step Down As Philadelphia 76ers General Manager, Bryan Colangelo To Replace Him

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Nearly three years after taking over as general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, and stripping down the roster as part of his professed “process” to rebuild things, Sam Hinkie stepped down on Wednesday night. ESPN’s Marc Stein was first to report the news.

The writing on the wall for Hinkie may have come in December, when the league sent Jerry Colangelo in to help move what has been, in kind terms, a slow rebuilding process. Hinkie’s stockpiling of draft picks, and injured big men to a lesser degree, has not worked and the 76ers became the NBA‘s poster boy for tanking to try to get more lottery balls.

Hinkie appeared on the podcast of Stein’s ESPN colleague Zach Lowe this week, saying he had lost 20 pounds around the holidays due to stress over the team’s poor performance while also saying the 76ers are a normal team and losing sometimes happens.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports and The Vertical quickly passed along a potential candidate to take over as 76ers’ general manager.

Bryan Colangelo is of course Jerry’s son, and he had a pretty successful runs as general manager of the Phoenix Suns and Toronto Raptors. The younger Colangelo would be a very good hire for Philadelphia, and Hinkie’s role would surely be marginalized if he stayed around.

But Wojnarowski also added these interesting nuggets as the story was breaking.

Leaving the 76ers without telling anyone seems like a fitting end for Hinkie. But Wojnarowski passed along that a statement is coming from the team regarding Hinkie’s resignation, while citing sources that Colangelo will be hired as general manager.

This was a fast developing story for a time, with the tangent of Hinkie not having told anyone he was resigning, but the barring something surprising in the team’s statement it comes down to this: Sam Hinkie is out and Bryan Colangelo is in as 76ers’ general manager.

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