The NBA season will be underway in less than a month with Training Camp starting at the end of September. The San Antonio Spurs have made improvements and lost one of the best players in NBA history but still have a rosater capable of winning the title. There are many questions that will surround the Spurs all season but with the start of camp approaching, let’s dive into what the Spurs must make clear before their season opener.

Who Is The Starting Point Guard

Mills can get the job done, forcing Pop in a tight spot as far as minutes are concerned. The Spurs don’t care about the win/losses, as long as they make it to the playoffs. Parker played an average of 28 minutes and Mills, 21. Their shot attempts were not that far off with Parker taking 10 and Mills eight, but with Mills looking to score more for the second unit, that’s understandable. The Spurs offense will still run thru the post and rightfully so with the talent they have assembled but where does that leave the PG position? Parker is 33 years old and cannot keep up with the quicker guards like Curry, Westbrook or Lillard, and while he will still hit that dagger shot, he’s not what he use to be as far as production goes.

Can The Frontline Coexist

With the talk focused on the new Big 4 in Golden State and their mighty offense what the Spurs will have on the floor at the same time might be better. The Spurs will throw this out nightly, 21/7, 18/9 and 17/11. Those are the numbers of their newly formed frontcourt. While teams will rely on a perimeter game, the Spurs will do their damage where it matters most, in the paint. If you want to break a team’s spirit feed the ball in the post, force foul trouble and double teams and let the offense flow through the paint. These are three veterans, who under Pop understand there is only one goal in San Antonio.

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Can Danny Green Be A Reliable Scorer

Throughout his career, Green has mainly been a perimeter player. He averages seven shots per game, with four of those being three-pointers. But in order for the Spurs to be successful in 2016, he will need to step it up a notch. Green must become what Ginobili was during the Spurs title runs. With a frontcourt that will play plenty with their back to the baskets, Green will continue to get open looks from the perimeter but he must be willing to take it to the basket. If Green can get up to 10-11 shots from the floor the Spurs could be looking at another title come June.