It’s no secret President Obama is a man who loves his sports. So, when a team visits the Commander-In-Chief at the White House it takes on a more special meaning.

However, President Obama had a few words for the San Antonio Spurs and their organization. With the Spurs boasting such a mix of nationalities on its roster, Obama referred to the Spurs as “the U.N. of basketball”. It’s pretty spot on as well, as the team’s boast players from Australia, Argentina, Italy and France.

Despite his comments, President Obama joked he wouldn’t be attending the San Antonio Spurs visit to the White House.

“I was thinking about sending the vice president to this event so I could stay fresh for the State of the Union,” Obama joked. “With all due respect,” Popovich retorted, “when I sit stars, I get fined.”

If there is one thing President Obama hasn’t learned in office it’s to never make a joke at Greg Popovich’s expense.

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