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San Francisco 49ers will will travel to China in 2018 to take on the Los Angeles Rams according to Sports Business Daily. While this is a great move for the NFL as they look to expand their brand, I am left to wonder why they picked the Rams and 49ers of all teams. Neither has been to the playoffs recently and while the Rams have a shot this season they are still not must see TV for NFL Network. Their return home to Los Angeles has been met with great joy, but their play has been lackluster. The selection of the 49ers is the real head-scratcher here. They are in the midst of a rebuild from the grounds crew to coach but yet the NFL feels that they will draw a large crowd in China. Fans in America have no desire to see Chip Kelly, so what makes you think the fans in China has time for his dysfunctional team? This is another case of Roger Goodell dropping the ball when NFL marketing is concerned. The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos would be excellent and so would the up and coming Jacksonville Jaguars but the Niners? You can do better than that Roger. This is great for the NFL as far as marketing but bad for China as they get to watch tow of the NFL’s bottom feeders. However, it will be one less home game for whomever is designated as the home team when they face off in China during the 2018 season.

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