SBTech is one of the leading technology suppliers in the iGaming sector. Recently, it had once again agreed to extend its partnership with ComeOn. Thus, both of them will extend their presence towards new markets and look for better options for the brand to grow.

SBTech has many customers who drive their business. However, ComeOn is their largest sportsbook customer. It supplies the latest technologies to the brand and helps them drive their business. After the recent regulations in this year’s January, two of its brands in Sweden named Snabbare casino review and performed very well.

The brand was first time launched back in 2009. Today agreement was the fifth renewal between both companies of mutual agreement. The brand is hopeful to deliver even better to its customers and give the best experience to players.

Moreover, ComeOn will get full access to all the SBTech’s operations from a single central location. It will offer local solutions, a bonus engine, and a lot of gaming tools to the brand.

SBTech also supplies ComeOn with a lot of gaming and betting tools. These tools include front-end solutions, live streaming and live betting, IMG tennis data, ComeOn betting guide, and live streaming plus tracking of matches.

ComeOn has also integrated API-driven technology from SBTech. It is one of the latest approaches to allow ComeOn to give personal and custom offers to its customers. The features include but are not limited to bet slip, mobile options, navigation styles, designs and widgets, and many other strategies that benefit users of ComeOn.

When asked the CEO of SBTech, Mr. Richard Carter about the deal, he was very happy. He believed that we have more than ten years of a long partnership with ComeOn. After this agreement, it will continue to strengthen further. We will keep giving them the latest technologies and allow it to give its users the best features and a nice experience.

He further added that it is the fifth time that both companies dealt, and we hope to strengthen this partnership to new heights. We want to expand the grounds on which we are working together and want to further extend the partnership.

CEO of ComeOn, Lahcene Merzoug, said that we want to provide the best experience to our players. We have a lot of brands that are working successfully to give the best to our players. He emphasized the importance of this partnership as it will open new doors of partnership.

He further said that we want to give a great sportsbook experience to our players and SBTech is working the best with us to achieve this goal. SBTech will continue to provide better solutions for our customers. Thus, we will be able to keep offering the latest trends and technologies for our customers. Offering the latest is our pride and SBTech helps us maintain this trend.

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