One of the most frequent questions I’ve received revolves around the issue of “the callback”. What is “the callback”? It’s the call that a woman receives after engaging in a spontaneous act of coitus with a male suitor. The wait for the call back can be equal parts anxious and annoying. The same post-self gratifying guilt seeps in as you wonder if you’ve been one night standed. It’s tough, cookie.

Well, I am here to help save you the whales trouble of wondering if a guy you boned is going to be calling you back. Truth is, if a guy is interested (and more likely to actually call you back) you’ll know. It’s like pr0n, you know it when you see it.

What do I mean? Glad you asked.

1. If he doesn’t kiss you good bye: If I don’t like a woman, I’m not going to kiss her, no matter what she just got finished doing to or for me. I’m just not going to do it. I don’t care if you just gave me a kidney, I’ll give you a hi-five and a card that says, “thanks for the memories”. Call me evil, I’m unbelievable. I MIGHT go for the kiss on the cheek, but I almost feel like that’s more disrespectful than the “thanks for coming by” as I escort you out move. Yeah, no kiss and your chances of a call back are at snowball’s chance in hell levels.

2. If he doesn’t invite you to spend the night: If I really like a woman, I wouldn’t put her out after she, ya know, put out. I’d let her stay over as I’d like to wake up to her and maybe do what we done did when we did what we’d done done again. If you get put out (pun) at 2 a.m. then the guy REALLY didn’t want you there in the first place. No call backs.

3. He doesn’t get your phone number…afterwards (obviously): In today’s day and age, you can communicate with somebody without ever having their phone number. Between Twitter, BBM, Facebook, etc you can carry on a real conversation and friendship with somebody whose voice you’ve never heard. Thing is, that doesn’t work in romantic relationhips of any kind. If you are leaving and dude kisses you on the cheek and tells you that he’ll hit you up on Twitter…he’s not calling you back.

4. He doesn’t mention wanting to see you again: If a dude is interested, he’s going to want to see you again. We’re drawn to our interests like a moth to a flame. Do you know what we’re not drawn to? Chicks we boned because we could but regretted as soon as the condom came off. Harsh, I know. But true. And that leads to, “thanks for a coming thru”, a kiss on the cheek, and a business card without a number but our Twitter handle.

No call for you.

Well those are four ways to know if the guy you’re wondering about will call you back. If any of those things has happened, it’s not going to happen. Take heed.

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