I have long since wanted to speak about this, and I’m very old school when it comes to hiring practices being a CEO of my own company and part of a fabulous brand. So, with that preface out of the way, here it is

The Rooney Rule is stupid and needs to be abolished.

Oh I’m sorry, did I get under some people’s skin already, sorry about that. No I’m not. I’ll say it again.

The Rooney Rule is STUPID and needs to be ABOLISHED.

I know what the NFL is trying to do, and kudos for trying to employ more minorities in coaching roles. I get that. Being a black man, I am no stranger nor completely insensitive to the black plight. I’ve lived it.

But, let’s do a little old school here and do RIGHT by the ones, black, white, or otherwise, that DESERVE to be coaches in the NFL or ANY league or sport.

Make the coaching hire because the person you interviewed, or flew in for an interview KNOWS HOW TO DO THE JOB and YOU as an owner have done your due diligence in researching the candidate.

How about that?

Again, I completely understand what the rule is SUPPOSED to do, but in a way, it’s kind of saying, “Okay, we’ll do our part to hire some black coaches if we want to.”

One of my frequent guests, and good friend Cole Johnson of Cole Sportz said it best on the premiere of my new show “The Daily BS” when he stated “It’s like we’re telling grown men what to do and how to do it.” See, that…right…THERE! It’s like this rule was establish to police black hiring practices. You would like to THINK…THINK…that the folks in charge would do their due diligence and research a candidate in full before hiring them.

How many times have you filled out an application for a job and you read that little disclaimer that says something to the tune that said company does not hire on the basis of race, color, religion, or creed.


Have I been wrong, certainly. Many many, MANY times before. But on this one, I don’t think I am. though I could be proven wrong again. I understand that. But, that’s Snowman’s Take. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading!!

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