It is the proper setting of your fitness goals that will ensure the success of your workout. It applies to all, whether it is a woman or a man. You will need to follow a proper plan to set these goals, and along with it, you must also integrate your health and dieting goals. Once you do that, you must set up a proper plan for success. This plan will enable you to focus and refine your goals, making it easier for you to reach.

  • When you set up your fitness goals, make sure that you choose the ones that you will be able to achieve and will have total control over if you do not, then you are in for disappointment rather than success.
  • Split up your goals between two specific categories, namely, short term and long term. Make sure that you keep the more straightforward things as your short-term goals and those that will need to lay a foundation first to achieve should be your long-term goals. This will provide you with a lot of motivation to pursue your long-term goals when you reach your short-term goals successfully.

Whether it is short-term or long-term, do not forget to set a timeline for each. This will not only help you to stay right on the track but will also create a sense of urgency in you.

Setting realistic fitness goals

It is only when your goals are realistic you will be able to achieve it. In addition to that, you must also have a more realistic plan to pursue your fitness goals. The best way to do that includes:

  • Focusing on one goal at a time: Trying to do too many things at the same time will only result in failure, disappointment, and throwing in the towel.
  • Be diligent: If you want to hit the gym every day, you will need to be diligent and honest to yourself. You will have to cut out on the added sugar, eat healthily, and get eight hours of sleep at least at night.
  • Follow your own goal: No matter how envious you feel looking at the pictures of some super-fit people on Instagram, following what they do will not only be impractical but unproductive as well. Make sure that your goals are your own.

Lastly, make sure that your goals are measurable. For this, you will need to review your progress and even assess the situation with your trainer.

Base it on your lifestyle

When it comes to setting your fitness goals, you must make sure that these are not just fitness but are ‘good and achievable’ fitness goals. If you are too busy a woman having lots of things to do all through the day, then you will need to follow the ‘conservation of energy’ rule. Do not choose anything that will consume a lot of energy and leave you drained out for the rest of the day. That means you will have to set it up according to your lifestyle.

For example, if you set your goal as: ‘To lose ten pounds in ten days,’ you will need to consider a few questions and weigh it with your lifestyle. Find out whether:

  • It is realistic or super vague
  • You are losing fat
  • You are gaining ten pounds of muscles and losing twenty pounds
  • You are losing it in the right way and as desired and
  • You have lost five pounds of fat only and gained 20 pounds of muscles, and is it the same.

The last and most important question is: whether or not it is going to make your life better.

Follow the SMART goal-setting principle

It is much more necessary to be smart when you set your fitness goals than looking smart to create an excellent Babe Appeal. You will need to follow a new way of thinking, and that means you will need to follow the SMART goal setting guidelines.

  • S – Specific: You must be specific with your goal so that it is easy and clear to understand and follow.
  • M – Measurable: Just setting a goal is not enough. It must be measurable so that you can track your progress and add a number to it.
  • A – Attainable: You can only add a number to your progress only when you follow attainable goals. Shooting for the starts is good, but it should not be too much for you, or else it will be demotivating to carry on with your fitness journey.
  • R – Relevant: Your goals should be relevant to your position in life at this moment. You must never set the goals that others are following or pressing you to follow. This, once again, will be demotivating.
  • T – Time-bound: Everything should have an end-point. This will not only keep you motivated to start but also finish it within the set time frame.

Therefore, SMART goal setting guideline is all about the motivation that will keep you going.

The goals to focus on

When you set up your goals, do not focus too much on the ‘low testosterone levels’ and ‘hormonal difference’ factors between men and women too much. Be informed that there is nothing called ‘women-specific workouts,’ though the variance may be in the degree of

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