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So this is probably going to be one of the shortest articles I’ve written in a while, but the preamble is not necessary. We know who the teams are – Chiefs and Buccaneers. We know the principles of the game: Brady and Mahomes. BUT, there are other factors (MAYBE) that will have the Kansas City Chiefs, hoisting the Lombardi trophy and bringing it back to the Chiefs Kingdom.

5) The Defense – If there’s any group that is hot right now, and can get pressure on Tom Brady and disrupt his rhythm, it’s this Chiefs defense. If you really think about it, the Chiefs defense was suspect last year and yet they made the plays they had to in the 4th quarter – which is one reason Brent Musberger coined the phrase, “The Money Period”

4) The “Legion of Zoon” Hill, Edwards, Hardman, and others. How do you think Tampa Bay’s secondary will handle THESE receivers. I know they’ve stopped New Orleans and Green Bay’s receivers, but this is the Legion of Zoom. These are guys that get schemed open. Just ask the San Francisco 49ers from SB LIV.

3) Core is in tact – on Offense and defense the core is in tact. Their goal was to “Run it back” Well they’re running it back! And they are ready to run away with the title and hide again. Just like they did last year.

2) Eric Bienemy – The biggest X-Factor. Why do I call him that? Because it was supposed, and believed, that he would be a head coach with another team. Well, with his own words of “Haven’t found the right fit yet”, he’s back where he is supposed to be – helping the Chiefs win – AGAIN! Which leads to the obvious factor….

1) Patrick Mahomes – Concussion + protocol + 4th down Gamble + Andy Reid + Eric Bienemy = repeat. And that is all!

That’s what #SnowmanSez – What do YOU say? Let’s get the game and chatter going! I’ll wrap up the game on the site with my biggest takeaways after the game. Enjoy the Super Bowl!


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