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It is hard to remember or appreciate any livestream if it lacks a logo or customization. If you want people to remember your livestream you will have to do something to enhance your presence. One of the best things you could do to serve this purpose is to customize your livestream. These days a number of customization tools and service providers are available online. You can use any known tool but make sure it is authentic and worth the hype; for example, you can customize your livestream with Melon’s stream tool.

Here are some of the best ways to customize your livestream and make it more fun.

  1. Overlays

The overlay is basically a layout available in numerous shapes, colors, and sizes. It makes your livestream look more attractive and fun. You can adjust these overlays according to your needs and wish. Some gamers are already using some impressive and interesting overlays; many of them are even using animated overlays that look amazing but might cost you some pennies.

  1. Banners

Almost all of the live-streaming platforms allow their users to add a channel banner. A channel banner is an image that you can add to your channel page. It tends to provide some valuable information about you and your channel. By customizing your channel banner, you can enhance your presence.

  1. Logos

As we all know, logos and trademarks help people remember you or your channel and even make it unique. It is a symbol that you use for identification and describing yourself or the services you provide. Therefore, it deserves a lot of your attention and must be customized so that it looks appealing and versatile to the viewers.

  1. Alerts

Many known streamers are using animated pop-ups during their live-streaming videos that are attention-grabbing and look amazing. By customizing your alerts, you can direct the focus of your viewers to the pop-ups that highlight some important information related to the channel.

  1. Watermarks

Watermark is a logo, but it’s somewhere rooted in your live video screen. It is a tiny image placed somewhere around the corner of your live video screen. It is basically used for the copyright and again to identify the streamer and the channel. It is always good to use a customized watermark to make your video look more professional and appealing.

  1. Panels

By customizing the panels, you can divert your viewers’ attention to the informational content on your channel or page. The panels are divided into categories such as About, Social Media Links, Sponsors, and so on. So, by customizing the panels, you draw your viewers’ attention towards the informative content.

  1. Stream Screens

A stream screen is a screen visible to your viewers whenever you are away from your computer. The viewers see a banner on this screen or a cover image. Customizing the stream screen also leaves a great impression on your viewers. It shows how dedicated and professional you are when it comes to presenting yourself in front of your audience in the best way possible.

So, this is how you can make your live stream customized and more appealing. But, first, make sure that you are using the right tools for customization. For this, you have to know more about the tools, especially how they work.

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