If you’ve ever wondered what the top accounts on Twitter are talking about, a new interactive tool from GoCompare now reveals all. The team at the comparison site analyzed the tweets and musings of some of the most famous people on the planet, including the likes of President Donald J Trump, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake.

The tool takes each celebrity account and explores a number of different parameters:

  • Types of Tweets: how much self-promotion, industry related talk, political and social commentary, and personal chat they engage in.
  • The top words they use most.
  • How many followers they have and how often they favourite or retweet a post.
  • The interactive tool also includes celebrities most retweeted tweet.

You might not be surprised to find that Katy Perry has the most followers (over 108 million). She does, however, spend a little over half her Twitter time on self-promotion. She’s not as bad as Jimmy Fallon though – over 80% of his tweets are self-promoting.

Lebron James, on the other hand, spends very little time promoting himself but does do a lot of personal stuff (74%). As you might expect, Donald Trump is pretty political in his tweets but not as much as actress Emma Watson – nearly 60% of her posts have a political or social message.

Meanwhile, the most used word on all of the top Twitter accounts is ‘love’. For Donald Trump, however, the most used word in his posts over the last year or so has been ‘great’ which doesn’t come as much surprise.

The interactive tool works by taking a look at the last thousand tweets from the 50 most popular stars on the social media platform today. You can check out your favourites on the GoCompare site right now.


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