Did you know that moving house is one of the most stressful events in life behind divorce and bereavement? Yikes! Moving should be a time of excitement and new opportunity. However, for most people it is filled with stress and anxiety. If you have to move out on a tight deadline, these emotions can be heightened. With the proper planning and preparation, even the most seemingly stressful move can be done with ease. If you are facing a stressful move on a tight deadline, then read on for some top tips on how to prepare and implement a successful and stress free move.

  1. Get Help

Let’s not beat around the bush here – the best way to minimise stress in a move is to get help. My husband and I have moved house so many times it makes my head spin thinking about it. However, on our last move we hired removalists in Sydney and I will never, ever move without them. These guys are fast, friendly and professional and they came in and packed up my stuff like it was their own then unpacked it on the other side with so much care and attention. Hiring movers may seem like a luxury expense, but when you break it down to the amount of time and sanity you save the expense seems like an absolute necessity!

  1. Plan Plan Plan

Did I say plan? Oh good. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your planning in order for your move. Moving is about a lot more than just getting your stuff into boxes. I like to sit down and make a spreadsheet that has rooms in our house and dates I plan to pack it up. This helps me break down a big move into smaller bits with deadlines. It is like project management for the move and really decreases that overwhelmed feeling of moving an entire house.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

Once you have made the spreadsheet, it is time to be disciplined and diligent about executing the tasks in a timely fashion. No matter how neat, tidy and organised your house it, moving will always take longer than you expect. Weeks before your anticipated move out date begin sorting through clothes, books and household items and toss or donate as many of them as possible. The less you have to move the easier! And moving house is the perfect excuse to declutter your life!

  1. Game Day Prep

Taking time to plan out the actual moving day will help ease stress. Plan for someone to watch your children and pets so they are out of the way. Make sure to have a plan for feeding yourself and anyone else that is on the moving team. I always find it helpful to have my portable speaker at the house to crank the tunes and keep the moral of the team high. Lastly, have an Esky with cold beers so when that last box is in the truck and the last drawer is cleaned you can crack a cold one to cheers to all of your hard work.

Like anything in life, planning and preparation can be the key drivers to mitigate and decrease stress. This is certainly the case when it comes to moving house. Whether your house is small or large, breaking it down into realistic bits is the first key to a stress free move. Declutter, clean, and pack each room and corner at a leisurely pace until everything is neatly ready for the removalist to come pick up. Before you know it you will be unpacking those tidy boxes in your new home thanking yourself for all the hard work you did to prepare the perfectly planned stress-free move.

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