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Spider-Man: Homecoming: 6 Song ideas for the first trailer

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Movie trailers tend to be more fun when they are paired with a fun song to go along with the action. Guardians of the Galaxy immediately comes to mind when it comes to music adding to the hype for a film when their trailers hit. More recently, Suicide Squad got fans extremely excited for the film by picking some fun and entertaining beats to help portray the feel of the film.

So while a trailer is not a direct indication of if a movie is going to be any good or not, it sure can set the tone and mood the filmmakers are trying to convey to their audience. Therefore the selection of what song goes along with a trailer is a rather important decision.

One of the hottest films set to hit theaters next year in 2017 is Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tom Holland will be reprising his role of Peter Parker in the film, which will be the third reincarnation of the character in the last 15 years. The film is currently filming and is sure to be a hot topic from now until it reaches movie theaters on July 7th, 2017.

Since filming is ongoing and the film is not due out for close to a year, a trailer probably will not be coming in the next few weeks. However, that does not mean we can not start to speculate on a possible tune that could be paired with it, as whatever song goes along with it will surely help set to feel the movie is going for. So before getting into some ideas, let’s just go over some things we know about the film thus far.

First and foremost, this version of Spider-Man is going to be the truest to the comics in terms of age. Tom Holland looks like he should be in high school, and high school is going to play a large part in the film. Secondly, the Peter Parker is from New York, so it will surely have that New York feel to it. Considering a lot of our main characters are going to be high school kids, it is a good bet this film is going to have a fun feel to it. It will be upbeat and feature plenty of humor, in typical Marvel fashion.

Because of the fun feel factor, I feel it is a given the film will follow the lead of Guardians of the Galaxy and play that up with the music in its trailer. So with all of that said, here are a few options they can pair with Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s first trailer!

Kids in America by Kim Wilde

Now if they really want to hammer home the point about this movie being about a teenage superhero, there is no better option than Kids in America. The title of the song makes it pretty clear that kids are going to be a focal point in the song, and in his case, the film.

The film also makes reference to the city, which is not vital, but a nice nod considering the film’s star is an NYC boy.

And most importantly, it is upbeat. The song is a fun one and could have fans dancing along as they listen. Can’t you see a clip of Peter Parker walking down the hallways listening to headphones bobbing his head up and down as this song plays in the background? The next we see Spider-Man swinging across the skyline of New York without skipping a beat.

This song is a clear-cut favorite, as it embodies everything I feel Marvel will want to portray in the film’s first trailer. If I hear the beat of this tune begin to play when I first see the trailer, I certainly would not be disappointed.

Swingtown by Steve Miller Band

Swingtown starts off with a nice intro of a bunch of different instruments playing. It sets the tone for what is a fun and entertaining song. It also is not over-saturated with lyrics, and the instruments are the clear standouts, which is nice for a trailer.

Then you have to consider the title. We know Spidey likes to swing across the sky, meaning Swingtown makes an easy choice to fit into the film’s soundtrack.

Seeing Spider-Man shooting his webs and swinging between buildings every time Steve Miller says the word Swingtown is just too good to pass up. While it is not as upbeat as some of the other options, it clearly has the edge when it comes to the title. And the instrumental pieces make for solid background for any number of clips they wish to feature in the trailer.

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New York Groove by KISS

When I hear the very start of New York Groove, I can picture quick flashes of Peter Parker in a number of his different classes. Then as soon as the first lyric hits we get our first shot of Spider-Man in action. The transitions in this song make it extremely easy to adapt to a film trailer.

So why not adapt it to a film about a kid from New York who happens to also be a crime-fighting superhero? It has a nice pace to it, solid instrumentals and just a nice vibe about it. It has that clear New York connection, but also has another more subtle connection to the film.

Before the words “New York Groove”, we always hear “I’m back”. This could be a subtle reference to Spider-Man being back home with Marvel. The prior two versions of the character were not a part of the MCU, but this one is. Therefore it helps to hammer home the idea that the fan favorite character is back home where he belongs.

Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

Stacy’s Mom is the type of song that gives off that young kid vibe. The lyrics are supposed to be coming from a young male, and while they may not be relevant in terms of what is being said, it is more about the perspective. This is a film about a young Peter Parker, and he could certainly relate to the kid who is the narrator of the song.

It also has that fun tone that we have established the film will want to showcase in the trailers. If any Marvel film is going to make use of a song like this one, it is going to be Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Now my favorite reason for picking this song is the subtle reference to the Spider-Man universe. One of Peter Parker’s several love interests in the comics is Gwen Stacy. Now there is no indication that she will be making an appearance in the film, nor do we know if she even exists in the MCU. But is this type of subtle nod to the comics that make this a fun choice to be featured in the film and trailer.

Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones

You want an up-tempo song? Then look no further than Blitzkrieg Bop. The song’s lyrics have no real relevance, but that does not matter in this case. And that is because it brings home the key point, and that is the fact that this is going to be a fun film.

The song does not rest as it keeps a fast pace throughout. It is also a shorter song, sitting around two and a half minutes, meaning the entire song can be utilized for the entire trailer. And that is where the beauty of it comes in, as the entire song can easily go along with a fun trailer.

If Marvel does not necessarily feel the need to hammer home the fact that this is about a high school kid but simply wants to portray the fun tone of the film, this song can work. Some of the films fans may even draw back on their younger days and think of the Jimmy Neutron movie, which the song was a part of. That could be a nice little bonus Marvel may not be going for, but can achieve with this song.

All Star by Smash Mouth

This song just has that high school feel to it. I do not know how to explain it other than that when I hear it I think back to my middle school and high school days. And that is something this trailer should accomplish.

It is a song that is easy to sing along to and could easily be paired with shots of Spider-Man in action as well as Peter Parker doing his thing in school. It is catchy, entertaining and everything a trailer song should be. It is more about the feel than it is the lyrics for this one.

This would be my favorite pick for the movie’s first trailer. The trailer should bring fans back in time to when they were in school, and this song does that for this write. Now obviously it needs to do the same for more than just one person, but I am confident I am not the only one who gets that high school vibe when I listen to this song. And for that reason, ‘All Star’ gets my vote to be paired with Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s first trailer.

There you have it. Each one of these songs has that upbeat and fun feel to them that should help emphasize that high school tone the film surely will be looking for. With Doctor Strange approaching in November, could we possibly see a Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer drop then along with a Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 trailer? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, and that is when we do get a trailer, it is going to be talked about. And assuming it is paired with some music, that song choice will be a large part of those conversations.

Now I am sure there are plenty of songs that I do not even know that would also go very well in setting the tone for Spider-Man: Homecoming. So if you have any ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments!

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