The main reason why most of the bookmakers are still in business is because the percentage of people losing bets is much greater than those who win a considerable amount. When it comes to sports betting, football tops the list in having the biggest volume of bets placed every second as compared to any other sport, and because of this much money going into football betting, the bookmakers are busy 24/7 in devising new plans to ripping their subscribers off their money.

If you’re looking to become a full time bettor, than it is advisable that you follow some effective football tips such as the Football Index mentioned below to maximize your winning potential in football betting.

Before We Start

Just before we dive into some of the most effective football tips to help you win big in football betting, we want you to acknowledge the fact that you can’t win every bet, in fact, no one ever has. So, playing with only the money you can afford to loose is one of the vip tips in football betting.

While practicing everyday, following your target teams constantly and placing smart bets can maximize your chances of winning more bets, nothing can help you win all of them, losing is a vital part of betting, as this allows you to look into the errors you made while placing a bet, and helps you grow into a mature, professional bettor over time. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, we can proceed to the main topic, and that is, “5 of the best football tips to help you win big in football betting”.

1. Keep Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress, and noting down what type of bets you win and lose usually can help you in starting to win the football bets more often.

One thing that can really help you keep a track record of your progress is setting a clear football bets winning target. This way, you’ll be counting every bet you won and lost, and the net amount of money left in your betting wallet at the end of the day. You can do this easily by allotting one day in a month to calculating your net profit and loss.

Using applications like an excel spreadsheet, with all the variables mentioned on top can help you easily record your football betting progress in a month, week, or any preferable time frame.

2. Sign Up With Multiple Bookmakers

The second one of our vip tips in football betting is that you should never relay on one bookmaker, but should sign up with multiple ones to have more options on your plate while looking for the best odds. A thing that is enough to persuade you into opening multiple betting accounts with many bookmakers is the rewards new comers can get on these platforms. Many football betting platforms may even give you free bets and crazy sign up bonuses at the start, so, keep hunting for these offers.

In addition to the rewards they provide, different bookmakers sometimes have different odds displayed on their websites. That is why signing up with different bookmakers can give you the luxury of choosing the bookmaker with the best odds and price on each bet.

3. Never Bet With Your Heart

We can’t stress enough on the importance of this step. There is a rule of thumb in football betting that you should never bet with your heart. For example: if you’re placing a bet on your home team, remember that they aren’t always going to win, and losing is a part of the game. So, analyze different factors involved in the match and place a bet accordilgly.

One of the main reasons why novice bettors lose a majority of their bets is that their bets are governed by their emotions, and they end up backing their favorite team in every bet they place. So, one of the best football tips is that you should never bet with your heart. Start placing the bets after properly analyzing the situation to avoid losing a majority of your bets and learn to control your emotions and become a professional bettor over time.

4. Follow The Game

Just like a stock trader, who keeps a deep eye on the market 24/7 and analyzes the different factors involved before selling or buying a stock, a football bettor needs to know the game inside out. If you’re following a specific team/ set of teams or a football league, than it is a must for you to follow every match, and keep an eye on every individual player, and all the involved teams collectively.

These are little details which can make a huge impact on the outcome of football matches, these details include, but aren’t limited to the; weather, overall forms of the teams and their previous record against each other. A good way keep up with all the new information is by watching full football matches, you can also see the recorded matches if they’re being played too late at night, the point here is that you shouldn’t lose even a single important moment.

5. Use Football Accumulators To Win Big

One of the best football tips for professional bettors is using a football accumulator to increase your chances of winning big. An accumulator is a collection of 3 or more separate bets, and you need to win every bet on the accumulator to win anything, and a single wrong bet can ruin the whole accumulator.

Accumulators are a hot thing these days especially because they require a small capital and have the potential to make you win really big prices. But since the accumulators were initially created to benefit the bookmakers, you’re advised to read some effective accumulator tips for football before looking to adopt this method. Also, the football accumulator can consist of any number for bets over 3, and isn’t only limited to the football bets. There were 5 of the most effective tips you can use to win big at football.

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