The US is a country of restrictions. Numerous things are forbidden there, but some people continue to do whatever they want, explaining everything by the inability of the government to tell them what to do. The country wants to protect the people from themselves, and the government is eager to regulate every part of the US residents, including their spendings. On the other hand, the Americans are sure they can spend their money wherever they want, and it makes sense. That’s why the laws are constantly changing.

Well, “constantly,” is not a right word, as it took 26 years for the US to replace the federal sports betting ban. Imagine that it was forbidden to place any bets on sports such as rushbet online since 1992, but some Americans were still betting. Why? Well, firstly, it was an unconstitutional law, but the main thing is that the 10th Amendment was in conflict with this ban. According to this Amendment, the US government has no right to tell its residents where to spend their money.

This conflict rose to many situations in the court, where both sides were technically right. That was one of the reasons to make sports betting legal. It’s logical, as there were too many Americans placing bets illegally, causing too many problems.

The ban was removed on the 13th of May, 2018, and now the US will regulate all of the sportsbooks. Earlier, there was no special constitutional authority to regulate the bookie’s activity. Now, the regulation will come into operation, but how much time will it take to bring this plan to life? The bookies won’t appear all of a sudden in every corner. Let’s do some guess-work: if it took 26 years to address the issue of sports betting, how long do you reckon it would take them to actually set up places for legal betting?

Some liberal states, like New Jersey, will probably be the first to give its citizens the possibility to place some bets. For New York and California, it may take months to regulate all the acts and allow sports betting.

According to the forecasts, no sooner than this autumn, will the best and most-trusted companies get access to the newborn US sportsbook market. The experts suggest that such companies like the 888 Group, MGM, and Byond; might be among the first to enter the scene. Hopefully, there will be more options to choose from.

The government is still discussing the places where bets will be placed. Why the US finally decided to scrap the ban? The main reason lays on the economy. There will be a great economic rise with the legalization of sports betting, as legal organizations have to pay taxes to the government. It’s all about business. Now we can see how the prices on some stocks jumped after the release of this news. The frenzy will die down very quickly, as it will take some time until we can really feel that sports betting is legal in the US. And it will take even more time until the bookies bring some income to the country.

HolyMoly is really interested in the future plans of the US government. Is it possible that the gambling sphere will be fully legalized? They do have enough land-based casinos, but online gambling is still forbidden. Do we need to wait 26 years more for this ban to be scrapped? We’ll see.

The US is moving forward in expanding its economy, allowing its residents to spend their money wherever they want. We hope that it was the first step to the legalization of the whole gambling sphere. How much time will the US residents have to wait until they are let off the leash? The question remains open.

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