Boxing is a pretty difficult game to play as well as to get the training. If you are focusing on boxing as your professional career then you must have to do strong trainings so that you can be able to give a strong fight to the competitor in front of you. So here will give you a detailed guide that can really help you a lot in your boxing training journey. You can also watch boxing news (ข่าวมวย) on a daily bases to learn more about the sport. Let’s begin with it.

Method no. 1

Hand training.

  • In hand training we will be focusing on many aspects. First of all the punching technique. Your punch will determine the actual power of yours. So make it strong and big. Don’t leave your hand loose. Make a position to hit on the target and stay compact and intact. Because the power that will come to your punch will be the overall strength of your arm, elbow, wrist and your hand.
  • Making clean and smooth drills on the speed bag. This will enhance your hand movements and ultimately your attacks. Practice the speed bag drills in the 3-5-3v intervals and taking the break of 30 seconds each.
  • Punching the heavy bag. It will make your punch thick and heavy. In starting it will be a little difficult after continuous practice it will make you in it. Practice it 3 times in the training starting from 2-3 minutes and increase afterwards.
  • Strength gaining will make your muscles active and grow them well. You can do many exercises in this regard, like push-ups, pull-ups, dips, front and side planks.
  • Slow sparring is an amazing training strategy especially for the beginners. It gives slow and steady strengths to your training. Do focus on the speed of the punch throw as well as the feet movements of yours.

Method no.2

Feet training.

  • In the boxing training as your hand strength is important same is your feet moving techniques are equally essential. Do long interval runs. Although in boxing short foot stepping is crucial and must be trained well but long intervals make your legs more powerful.
  • Doing foot drills like ladder. It will speed up your feet movements.
  • In your trading do focus on the long runs also it will stretches the muscles of your legs and strengthen them.
  • Training of feet work and techniques is very important. Moving your feet with speed and also with short steps, you will get perfection with time in this.

Method no. 3

Focusing on the diet and physical activity.

  • It is very important to focus on the diet you are taking. In the training your muscles are working intensively so they need proper diet. In this time the trainer should take protein rich diet, containing meat, cereals, eggs, etc.
  • While training focus to build strong core of yours. It will bear the strong punch of your opponents. You can do many core/stomach exercises in this regard.
  • As you are doing intense boxing training, your mind and your body both are going through tough things so proper rest is very crucial and this cannot be denied.


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