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Sports: Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell, The NFL’s Biggest New Rivalry

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We all know the Ravens and Steelers hate each other to the core. So to do the Cowboys and Redskins, Cowboys and Eagles, Cowboys and Giants, the Cowboys and, you get the point.

But all of those rivalries may have to take a step back to the NFL’s newest, biggest and baddest rivalry on the block. When these two face off, it could change the face of the NFL for years to come.

That’s right, I am talking about Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell.

On Wednesday, these two squared off in an Appeals Court in New York to decide if the four-game suspension handed down to Brady for his failure to cooperate with an NFL investigation looking into the whole “Deflate-Gate”scandal.

Most people wrongly think he was suspended for being involved in the actual deflating of the balls, but it is more because he did things like destroy a cell phone that had text messages on it about the scandal, rather than any actual part of the scandal itself.

There are so many different arguments on both sides, that it would be easy to see how either one of them is right or wrong. I will say this, the judge that is hearing the case, has ordered them to do everything in their power to reach an agreement before bringing it into a court-room.

But of course, as is the problem with these kinds of cases, neither side is willing to budge. Brady and the NFLPA will agree to a fine, no suspension and no admission of guilt. Meanwhile the league insists on Brady missing all four games, period.

So which side is right in this little drama that is playing out in front of us? How about NEITHER SIDE. Was Tom Brady a whiny little brat? Yes. Did he destroy a cell phone and impede the NFL’s investigation into “Deflate-Gate”? Yes. Should he have to serve some sort of punishment larger than a fine? Yes.

Did the outcome of the investigation determine that Brady was culpable in any way? No. Did “Deflate-Gate” alter the outcome of that game, or any other? No. Is the NFL again trying to flex its muscle to show how big and bad it is? Yes. Is four games too much, considering some of the penalties other players have faced for more heinous infractions? Yes.

So both sides are at fault, both sides are being the “we’re taking our ball and going home” brat and both sides should see it for what it really is, kiss and make-up and let Brady miss two games. Which we all know will be the outcome of this entire appeal process anyway.

I will say, agree or not, I understand the NFL’s stance a hell of a lot more than I get what Brady is trying to do. Already with a reputation as a major prima donna, Brady has taken it to a whole new level now. It is so bad, he has made Peyton Manning look like a tough guy.

Look, Tom, your wife is a supermodel, you have four Super Bowl rings, have made a boatload of cash and are still the NFL’s pretty boy. Life isn’t that bad for you, just be the bigger person, accept a two-game suspension and move on. It’s not like you guys were winning another title this year anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Sports: Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell, The NFL’s Biggest New Rivalry

  1. Get a clue Fish. The cell phone controversy was a classic bait and switch. Wells told Brady he didn’t want the phone, didn’t need the phone and was only interested in the texts. So Brady dumped the phone because he was getting hundreds of calls since the Wells report inadvertently published a part of his phone number. AFTER the iinflammatory headline about “destroying” his phone,, Brady produced all the texts and phone numbers directed. Brady was under no obligation to turn over his cell phone. Farvre didn’t and Goodell didn’t in the Rice fiasco.With the pattern of misinformation coming out of the NFL offices, would you?

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