It comes as no surprise that our productivity at work tends to decline as Friday finally rolls around. With the long work week almost behind us and a weekend full of possibilities ahead, maintaining your focus and energy takes a lot of motivation. But if you can manage to give work the same attention on Friday as you do on Monday, not only will it make the coming work week a bit easier, but it will show fellow co-workers and managers your commitment to the job (which looks great when it comes to that yearly review and raise).

Here are some simple but effective ways to stay productive while also looking forward to the coming weekend:

The Daily Grind

Taking on your daily workload seems even more challenging by the time Friday rolls around. It’s hard to focus on work rather than the clock. However, it’s fair to say that when you are able to utilize your motivation and hop on the work grind, the working day tends to fly by. The toughest part is getting into the zone. With that in mind, some experts recommend trying these simple tactics to stay on top of your productivity:

  • List and prioritize: Put tasks in order of urgent versus important and create sublists for major tasks required to complete each project.
  • Deadlines matter: A deadline should be the most important factor that determines priority on your to-do list.
  • Be efficient: Juggling several tasks often leads to decreased efficiency. Take care of any small task that takes less than a few minutes to complete one at a time.
  • Delegate or enlist: Sometimes you need to enlist additional help so you can complete an important project. It never hurts to ask.

Different jobs require different goals day to day. Tailoring a gameplan to your specific work deadlines and expectations can make each day that much easier and ensure you aren’t stuck at work late on Friday, overwhelmed and burnt-out.

The Right Engagement

Another incredibly important productivity factor is management. Whether you’re part of the management team or not, having a manager who can help you engage with your work is vital. Being an engaged employee makes those last eight hours before the weekend more focused, productive, and bearable. However, that certainly sounds easier said than done.

Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management explain that, “Being a great manager means setting expectations, delegating authority, and measuring employees’ effectiveness. World-class leaders convey precise expectations that aren’t too high, delegate just enough authority to not overburden employees, and measure effectiveness in terms of reasonably attainable goals.” Having the right motivations are fundamental to your work life and the management team can definitely affect employees’ mindsets — for better or worse.

It’s fair to admit that many of us can feel the hair of excitement and exhaustion come Friday morning. However, staying on top of work responsibilities and expectations not also shows your value as an employee but can make the dreaded Monday morning an easier pill to swallow. Relaxing your mind and finding your focus can ensure you head into the weekend ready to enjoy your time off, without work haunting your weekend plans.

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