In this day and age, every business, be it big or small cannot be thought without an internet facility. The expansion of the NBN that is the National Broadband Network is a necessary step in taking your enterprise or projects online.

Using an NBN battery backup unit ensures that your internet and telephone services function even during a power cut and helps you to stay connected with the world throughout the blackout period. Many corporations that design, build and operate broadband networks can provide you information on battery replacement, for example, the NBN co replace battery guidance has a lot of content on the topic. However, you can follow some simple steps to ensure a high-quality Maintenance of your battery backup units.

Maintaining NBN Battery Backup Units

By pursuing some simple steps you can keep your battery backup unit topped up and ensure its proper functioning during a power outage.

● The backup units have some clear indicators in the form of light and audible alarms which tells you about its health. A regular check on these indicators will always help you to take the necessary action (if required) at the right time and sustain your power backup unit.

● Adhere to the NBN user guide for the usage of the battery.

● Keep the battery unit at room temperature as the higher temperature or extremely cold environment can speed up the battery aging.

● Avoid frequent turning on and off of the battery as it cause the battery to run out charge.

Replacing the NBN Battery

If your battery unit shows a red light close to the Replace Battery indicator or there is a beep sound at every fifteen minutes, then it is certain that your battery has reached to the end of its life. Replacing the battery is simple and you can do it on your own.

● First of all, check the warranty expiration of the battery. If the battery is still in warranty, you can get the replacement unit with no cost.

● If the warranty period has expired, you need to purchase a new battery unit.

● To remove the older unit, Switch the power point off, open the front cover, disconnect the red plug, lift out the battery, disconnect the black plug and remove the battery.

● To install the new battery, connect the black plug to the new unit, push the battery to push the battery into the holding tabs, connect the red plug and switch on the power point.

Recycling the old NBN Battery

The NBN batteries are classified as hazardous waste and need special care while disposing of. It is always advisable to take your battery to the specialized recycling centers instead of dumping it directly into your household garbage bin.

In spite of the extra efforts required for taking care of the battery units, the demand for these units is growing continuously. The internet has given access to millions of people to start their own commercial venture as a source of revenue and staying connected 24X7 has become the need of the hour. Broadband Internet keeps the American dreams alive & accessible by HuffPost will provide you a deeper insight into the importance of uninterrupted connectivity.

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