When some people hear the term “Steroids,” different ideas come to mind. Interestingly, some of the thoughts are not precisely positive because of several misconceptions that have trailed the concept of using steroids. However, there is a different narrative regarding the connection between steroids and your health. In this article, we will gain insight into this unique perspective in detail.

This article provides information in two parts: the first part highlights some benefits of steroids while the second part seeks to provide a balanced narrative by discussing the risks.

Before delving into the details, a little information about steroids wouldn’t hurt.

What are Steroids?

Steroids are hormones made by humans to treat different health conditions as they contain anti-inflammatory properties. These steroids are entirely different from the illegal ones obtained and misused by some people.

According to research, healthcare practitioners can prescribe steroids to treat hormonal challenges and some other specific diseases that may lead to problematic muscle loss. However, despite this exciting fact about steroids, one must understand that the benefits are temporary. 

Yes, steroids can help with some challenges, but it is not a permanent alternative or treatment option; thus, we must establish this fact from the beginning. Steroids are crucial chemical compounds that play a significant role in boosting our health. Since these are vital chemicals that affect our health, it is important to get your steroids from trusted labs, like Syn Pharma.

Although we focused on human-made anabolic steroids, did you know that these hormones are also produced in our bodies?

Three main hormones enable muscle growth: testosterone, the growth hormone, insulin-like growth factors, and anabolic steroids influence the body’s reaction to these hormones concerning muscle growth.

For anyone to enjoy a healthy life, he/she must experience metabolism. Metabolism is a process that empowers the body to function at its highest level. Within this process, you will find:

  • Anabolism: the increase of particular substances in one’s body and
  • Catabolism, which is how these substances break down.

All these concepts remain vital to an individual’s understanding of how steroids work.

Sadly, too many people are carried away by the temporary relief steroids offer. Hence, this article is timely as it seeks to remind readers that some of the advantages of steroids are still in the early research stages. Although a few cases revealing the impact of anabolic steroids on the body have been identified, more facts are required with increasing tests that show the wide range of positive impact it has on the human body. We will focus on some of the advantages of steroids, its effect on the human body, and some risks.

A Few Benefits of Steroids

Muscle Repair and Increase in Size

Anabolic steroids speed up the muscle healing process, especially if they get hurt during strenuous exercise routines. When muscles heal quickly, they can function more effectively (especially for sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts). Steroids also increase muscle size as it first boosts the body’s testosterone level, thus enabling impressive results during exercise.

Boosts Cell Production in the Body (Red Blood Cells)

Another benefit of anabolic steroids is the fact that it accelerates the production of red blood cells. Did you know that red blood cells’ primary function is to move oxygen to varying parts of your body? This critical role of red blood cells makes them very important to your health, and if steroids can boost their production, that’s an impressive benefit!

Treats Some Medical Issues

Significantly, steroids are maximized to assist individuals suffering from numerous illnesses. People who suffer from muscle atrophy and require additional testosterone can find solace in steroids as it boosts their libido.

Some Risks Associated with Steroid Usage

There are some side effects and health consequences involved with steroid use, and you must know these risks, so you are better informed on all thing’s steroids.

Physical Effects

Some physical impact of unsupervised use includes reduced sperm count in men, infertility in women, stomach pain, severe acne, and swelling in some parts of the body.

Cardiovascular Effects

When excessively used, steroids can lead to several cardiovascular dysfunctions ranging from high blood pressure to blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, and artery damage. The realization of this negative impact is why potential users should seek medical advice before using it. Steroids can disrupt blood flow, which means that one may be susceptible to a stroke or heart attack when blood fails to reach the heart or brain.

Mild or Severe Hormonal Changes

Sometimes steroids can cause hormonal changes in the body; remember that the body produces its natural steroids. This negative impact means that it may increase testicular cancer risks when combined with other insulin-growth factors. In women, it can cause severe hormonal changes that lead to coarse skin, and excessive hair growth on the body.

Other risks associated with steroids are

  • It can increase aggression in males, especially teens and adults.
  • Possibility of liver dysfunction especially with steroids taken orally.
  • It can also cause male pattern baldness due to the androgenic effects. This, most times, depends on the specific steroid used.
  • There is a possibility of facial hair growth and other changes in women, reduced breast size, deepening voice, irregular menstrual cycle, etc.


Now you know the impact of steroids on your health from an advantageous to a risky perspective. More so, users of anabolic steroids may take it only for a specified period and stop for a while before taking again (if required), and this process is called  “Cycling.” You should avoid taking more than one steroid at a time because you erroneously think it will work faster and avoid combining the steroids with other substances.

Conclusively, you should not take anabolic steroids randomly without the consent of a healthcare professional.










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