Fashions come and fashions go. Some we’re pleased to see disappear into the mists of time, take heavily flared loon pants for example, while others are welcome to stick around for a few seasons until they achieve true classic status. There are quite a few of these styles that are carrying over from 2017 to 2018. But equally, there are plenty that we’d like to see condemned to the great fashion trash bin in the sky.

A prime example would be last year’s trend for sneakers from all the major manufacturers to some in pastel shades of pink and mauve. Now these shades may have been fine for the Miami Vice look of the 1980s but now, three decades later they just look plain weird. But one colour we think will be around to stay for the foreseeable future is stone. Some may call it beige but it hits that sweet spot between all-too-bright white and duller shades of brown. Last year it turned up everywhere from casual suits to jeans and a large part of its appeal was surely this versatility.

Patterns were also big last year with many designers playing with stripes from the classic pinstripe to far broader versions that were a little too “in your face” for all but the most extrovert to wear. So expect to see the thinner versions of the stripe to prevail.

Trousers were heading in two distinct directions in 2017. Some were continuing with the skinny fit styling that’s been in vogue for a few years now but a looser, more casual fit with pleats aplenty also emerged and this seems to have been carried over into the 2018 collections of designers like Fendi and Giorgio Armani.

So that’s a quick rundown of where we’ve been and the direction that we may be heading but how’s it going to fit into your lifestyle? Well here are four occasions when you might want to dress to impress along with suggestions about how to manage it while staying right on trend.

The job interview

Obviously, this depends on the sort of organisation that you’re hoping to join. If it’s a tech start-up your wardrobe choices are going to be very different from what you’d wear to a traditional law firm. But, for all scenarios you need to look like you “get” their culture especially as research has shown that over 60% of interviewers think dress sense is a good indicator of employability.

So however casual the company that’s interviewing you it’s going to pay to make the extra effort. For example if a suit’s what’s called for then avoid the more showy pinstripe varieties and go for a single-breasted navy blue or dark grey. It says serious but stylish and if you pair it with a well-cut white shirt and a plain tie it ticks all the fashion boxes and lets the interviewer concentrate on your other qualities. It’s also a suit that you’ll be able to wear at other occasions, from when you’ve got to make big presentations or even go to a friend’s wedding and it needn’t cost you a fortune. For example shop online at and you’ll find there’s plenty of choice with prices starting at around £150.

The first date


That all important first date is another interview of sorts – and if your putative partner doesn’t like what they see no matter how good your manners and glittering your conversation it probably won’t move on to the second date. So it’s well worth planning your outfit carefully.

It goes without saying that you want to make yourself as attractive as possible but you also want to make your personality stand out too and one of the easiest ways to do this is with the shirt you choose to wear. Bold, eye-catching patterns are big right now and will let you express the fun and vivacious side of your character. Boden have a fantastic range on offer all for around the £50 mark and they’re especially famous for their florals.

For your bottom half, leave the jeans at home and maybe go for a looser, pleated pair of trousers – a fashion hangover from the 2017 season. These aren’t just smart, they’re very flattering too, especially if your legs are a little on the skinny side. ASOS is a great place to start your search for them and you should be able to pick up a pair for as little as £25.

A night at the poker table

Think of casinos and the first image that probably comes to mind is an insouciant James Bond in a tuxedo putting it all on 17 black. Alternatively, if it’s a big poker tournament it’s the other end of the scale with players in hoodies with the extra disguises of a pair of shades and a baseball cap too.

But you don’t have to follow these clichés – some research has found that what you wear can have an effect on your poker success. You want to appear confident, but not over-confident, and also that you’ve nothing to hide. Having said this, you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself so muted colours like a jacket in the stone colour we mentioned earlier could be ideal. If you’re in for a long session then you’re also going to want to be comfortable so a loose, casual fit is best. As the heat rises you’ll also appreciate a lighter fabric like linen so a jacket like ones from John Lewis which retail at £130 would be perfect.

On a stag weekend

While a night in the casino may well be part of a stag weekend there’s also likely to have been some more sporty action during the day, whether it’s been go karting, zip-wiring or even abseiling down a cliff. All of these are the perfect opportunity to get out some of the athleisure wear that’s become so very fashionable in recent seasons. There’s a real trend for the 80s and 90s retro looks from brands like Adidas and Nike but fabric technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since then so you’ll be warm, dry and comfortable, whatever you get up to.

But, unfortunately, it’s a look that doesn’t come cheap and you’ll be looking at around £130 for the top and trousers. And if you fancy adding a new pair of trainers to the outfit these can cost you anything up to around £200 from Adidas – at that price you definitely wouldn’t want to get them muddy!

So hopefully you’ll find these fashion tips bring you success whether you’re going for that job or trying to come out on top in a game of poker. And, if you’re lucky, some of the looks we’ve recommended will even last into 2019. But fashion being fashion we certainly wouldn’t make any promises!

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