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Style: How To Reinvent Your Look

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By Alicia Baker

Men, as with most things, tend to stick to the basics. A simple shirt and trousers combo, a few shirts in the closet, and one or two suits. It’s a pretty easy formula, and it works for most people.

That’s the beauty of men’s style. Simplicity and sophistication are easy to achieve. However, what if you’re looking to make a change? Every now and then, it’s worth shaking up your style, and trying something different. It needn’t be a huge change. A subtle hair styling switch or a new colour can inject new life into your look. In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways you can do just that.

Men fall into the same old routine. After all, who’s got time for constantly reinventing themselves?

But, it doesn’t hurt to take a weekend, and stock up on some new threads. It’s time expand that wardrobe, pick up a few accessories, and try a new style. Whether you’re looking for a smarter, more sophisticated look, or a casual vibe, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive straight in, and learn how to reinvent your style.

Get inspiration – Step one is always finding inspiration. You want to look for established styles that you can take your cue from. Thanks to the internet, you can easily do this by surfing a few men’s style websites. Look at the likes of GQ and Esquire to start with. See what trends are going on, and look for a style that would suit you. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the world around you. On your morning commute, look at who’s dressed well, and make a mental note of styles you could borrow from.

Copy a celebrity – Of course, one of the easiest ways to nail your style is by copying a celebrity. They are (almost) always dressed flawlessly, with a team of stylists to make sure they look great. Find a celebrity that closely matches your look and build, and see how they style themselves. What cuts and styles look good on them? Start by checking out heightline.com, and looking at the celebrity style sections. You’ll quickly spot the best looks that will work for you. Just try to avoid the more outrageous style choices. Not even the celebrities can pull them off sometimes!

Grow a beard – Often, it’s the subtle changes that will make the biggest difference to your style. For instance, why not change up your facial hair? Stubble and facial hair work particularly well on rounder faces to give them more definition. A beard can completely change the look of your face. Likewise, if you’ve always sported a bushy face, why not shave it off? It can often bring out the angular jawline, and create an entirely new look. Experiment with your facial hair, and see what you can do with it.

Change your hairstyle – Your choice of hairstyle is one of the defining features of your look. Even simply combing your hair the opposite way will change your style. Again, it’s the small, subtle changes that make all the difference. It’s often work chatting to your hair stylist about what looks would work for you. Some hair styles suit certain face shapes better than others, for example. You might find out you’ve been doing it all wrong for years! Again, get some inspiration from the internet, and book an appointment with a stylist. (Not a barber, a real stylist, and get a new look). You can also invest in some new hair products that will keep your new style in place. Again, choose the right styling product for your hair type.

Know your brands – When it comes to changing up your wardrobe, we all worry about finding new clothes. Every store has a slightly different fit, and it’s tough to find the style you like. However, once you find the right brand, learn to stick with it. Asos, for example, generally have a thinner cut, while Gap is more regular. When you’ve found a brand or store that fits your body shape, stick with them. It gives you a sound basis for experimenting with different colours and styles. So long as the fit is great, you can try just about any pattern or colour.

Accessories – When it comes to experimenting with style, accessories are perhaps your most important tool. You could wear nothing but a clean white t-shirt every day, and still make it look different with accessories. Men tend to shy away from accessories, but it can define and create your style. Start with the simple options, like a belt and watch. They are the classic accessories, and they’ll work with anything. From there, you can add new touches like a bag or badge pins. Stick to the seasonal changes, like wearing a scarf in winter. Don’t be afraid to try something new here, and experiment.

Use a tailor – When it comes to guy’s fashion, the cut and the fit are your single most important style aspects. You can choose all sorts of different colours and style, but you cannot experiment with shape. Always pick clothes that flatter and fit your body when buying from the store. As for a suit, it’s essential that you have it fitted and shaped by a tailor. It’s the single biggest mistake that guys make when wearing a tux or dinner jacket. When you’ve already spent a fortune on a suit, what’s a little extra on a tailor?

Use your personality – Your fashion sense should be an extension of your personality. So, try to match your outfit and general style to your personal nature. If you’re flamboyant or outgoing, try something more colourful and bold. If you’re more reserved and mysterious, stick to dark colours and simple sophisticated styles. There is no right and wrong answer here. So long as you carry your style with confidence, you can make it look great.

That’s all for now, folks. Try to experiment with new style, whether it’s a small haircut change or a completely new outfit. Don’t be afraid to switch it up, and try something new

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