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Style: The Men’s Guide On How To Gear Up This Spring

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With the last days of winter winding down and spring officially right around the corner, if you’re a man, it is time to move your current wardrobe forward much like setting your smart-watch an hour ahead.

With spring, one things of raucous spring break jaunts to hot and exotic locales with half-naked women, near-perfect beautiful days of sunshine, random days of rain. Men must also dress to the nines for everything from bachelor parties and weddings, to going out to the neighborhood bar to cheer on their favorite team during March Madness and the NFL Draft.

Basically, a man’s spring wardrobe must be ready for any and everything. Below are my top ten items that every man must have to be ready to go to either Cabo with his significant other or her sister’s wedding.

Military canvas jacket: A must-have for men this spring, also known as a field or tactical jacket, this lightweight jacket made of brushed cotton is perfect for mild days to add a touch of casual ruggedness. Pair this with a dress t-shirt or polo for a real sense of style!

Messenger Bag: Call it a man-purse or satchel all you want, but make no mistake, the right messenger bag adds a sense of professional style to any man’s everyday outfit. With a range of choices and styles to choose from, messenger bags can hold a wide array of everyday accessories such as a smartphone, laptop, office documents and of course magazines!

Every man’s style is different, but thanks to a wide range of styles, there is a messenger bag for you.

Gingham dress shirt: Thanks to a distinctive eye-catching pattern, gingham is both classy and in style this spring for men. Worn by mods in England since the 1960’s and popularized by the likes of Fred Perry, Marc and soccer powerhouse Manchester United in 2012-13, gingham is trending upwards in the States and ready for it’s closeup in 2016.

Skinny tie: Thanks to the popular AMC show Mad Men, a once 1960’s staple is back and stronger than ever in the form of the skinny tie. While this writer is a little late to the skinny tie trend, even I cannot deny it’s simple elegance and understated style that it adds to any man’s wardrobe.

Baseball cap: With baseball season right around the corner and MLB teams currently in spring training, now is the time to rep your team with pride! Whether it is the World Series champion Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees or Los Angeles Dodgers, a fresh lid is not only a statement of your team loyalty, but also a sense of style!

Cargo shorts: With the weather ready to turn upwards in terms of temperature, now is the time to let your legs breathe in a styling pair of cargo shorts. A nice item to have if you like to carry a lot of things in pockets, a nice pair of cargo shorts helps you do that, while looking good doing it.

Flip-flops: From Birkenstocks to Abercrombie and Fitch, one has many options to find a perfect pair of flip-flops. A versatile piece of any man’s wardrobe that can be worn at home, at the beach and even to the bar, flip-flops add a nice touch of laid-back coolness.

Jeans: An all-season staple for any man’s wardrobe, jeans are a must for every man’s spring wardrobe. With styles ranging from distressed, bootleg, carpenter and a range of colors from light blue to indigo, no man should ever be without a comfy pair of jeans.

Sneakers: Steph Curry’s, Air Jordans to LBJ’s and vintage Converse’s, men love their sneakers. With the NBA Finals coming up and a hole burning itself into a wallet, choose wisely when lacing up this spring.

Short-sleeve polo: A long-time preppy stable of suburban kids, the short sleeve polo is as hip, cool, clean and stylish as ever. Paired with either a causal jacket or even a simple windbreaker, the short-sleeve polo is an essential part of every man’s spring wardrobe.

Long-sleeve henley: A vintage—yet modern and stylish—wardrobe must-have for spring, the long-sleeve henley may not get as much love as polo’s, v-necks, crewnecks are even mock-zip turtlenecks, but paired with a nice causal jacket or even by itself, it is a sharp piece of clothing to have.

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