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Medical: Man Gets Penis Chopped Off, Sues Kaiser Permanente And Wins!

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PALMDALE, California – Terry Weiner and her husband Alan Tuskes received the shock of a lifetime following his skin graph surgery when it was revealed that the doctor mistakenly chopped off his penis during the surgery. Making matters worse was that the surgeon and Kaiser Permanente refused to take any blame for the gigantic mishap, setting off a two year long legal battle that eventually saw Terry and Alan obtain justice, but not after years of fighting and struggling to find justice.

In the winter of 2001, Alan noticed a growth on his penis, the doctor was unable to prescribe the proper medicine cream to heal it, because it was on an organ that expands and contracts, so it would continue to scab and break. Instead the doctor opted for a small and quick outpatient surgery to remove the growth.

On February 26, 2001, Dr. Sands performed the surgery on Alan and sent him home. A few days later Alan removed the bandages to clean his wound when he noticed his entire penis was gone, with the sole exception of the tip. Clearly panicky and irate after days of waiting for it to re-appear and it never occurring, Terry and Allan flooded the Doctors office and Kaiser Permanente with calls to get back in and demand answers, their requests went ignored.

Finally they got back in the doctor’s office for a follow-up and Dr. Sands refused to take responsibility and instead blamed the disappearing penis on Alan’s obesity, he was near 400 pounds at the time. Dr. Sands insisted that they simply couldn’t see it, because he was to fat and the fat was covering it up. Clearly, the couple was not buying the excuse and stormed off demanding justice.

In the next nearly two years, Terry and Alan contacted over 200 lawyers in California and no one was willing to take on the case. Eventually they contacted Moyle Dr. Kunan, who happened to be an expert on penises and he was willing to represent them. The case looked bleak because the medical Mal Practice laws in California are very goofy, and no one had ever taken on the giant of Kaiser Permanente and won.

With things looking their bleakest, Terry remembered that years prior to the surgery, her and Alan had taken part in a yearlong condom study. Terry called over to the condom research center and spoke to the controller Mrs. Peacock and explained the situation. Mrs. Peacock quickly sprung into action and was able to erect a report of Alan’s prior measurements, including pictures and graphs which proved the man had an eight and a half inch penis at one point.

Justice would finally come as they went to court and testified against Kaiser Permanente in front of three independent arbitrators in the summer of 2003. It took 5 days, but the decision was unanimous in favor of Terry and Alan and they were rewarded $500,000 and an additional $58,000 for reconstructive surgery.

Terry had these words to share with anyone who would have to endure such a horrific obstacle, “Don’t take no for an answer because when you’re up against a giant so big you need determination and fight. You have to find any avenue to justice and keep pushing ahead!”

You can contact author Vince McKee for more information on this matter at coachvin14@yahoo.com or @VinceTheAuthor on twitter.

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