Instagram is a social media platform that helps you capture and share the best moments, life achievements, mundane things and just about anything to the virtual world.

According to the most recent statistic, Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users. That’s a lot, right?

This social media platform is a great way to hunt for best fashion inspirations and style ideas from different bloggers which you can adapt. And Instagram is probably the celebrities’ most preferred platform when it comes to sharing their everyday photo snaps.

Not sure if you are following the right people? Well, here’s a list of five fashion and style influencers who can influence your wardrobe and tell you directly which accessories and clothes will be trendy next season.

RheaGupte (@rhea_gupte1)


Rhea Gupte is one of those people who utilize their Instagram as an outlet for her personality and interests. She posts about her unforgettable experiences. Rhea also incorporates wonderful photos showing her daily life in India. And her preferred style is messy yet feminine, relaxed yet glamorous outfit ideas.

She currently lives in India who explores her interest in art, photography, writing, fashion, and travel. Rhea is also a patron of orchestrated and freestyle street photography shoots. She works as a content creator and creative consultant in a lifestyle and fashion segment with various brands.

Rhea Gupte started part-time modeling at the age of sixteen and currently takes up styling assignments that align with her niche. Follow her on Instagram and check out those medley of beautiful sceneries and crazy accessories and style!

Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure)

Reese Blutstein is an Atlanta based fashion blogger who gains massive following on Instagram for her minimalist style, 70’s influenced creativity, and the ability to find fancy-seeming pieces on a budget.

She is a vintage lover who loves kitten heels and wide-leg knickers, and look for vintage clothing that can be renewed again and again. Reese was chosen as one of the Fashionista’s 18 style influencers to watch in 2017.

Reese Blutstein loves to buy multi-purpose pieces, the likes that you can use in many ways. She posts women pieces that are versatile and simple which you can easily imitate. If you wish to copy her style, you can buy a gamut of multi-purpose clothing in many online stores like FCUK. Follow her on Instagram to see her unplanned yet impeccable outfits for the day.

Anna Dello Russo (@anna_dello_russo)

Anna Dello Russo is an Italian fashion columnist, a creative specialist, and an editor for Vogue Japan. She is well-known for her high-end fashion while conquering London, Paris, New York, and Milan in many fashion shows.

Posting photos of her life, and the clothing choices that launch her to social media stardom. She continues to prove that age is not a barricade to look glamorous and fashionable all the time. She is the poster girl for the most bizarre new fashion.

In the midst of the fashion week, her Instagram account was a during fashion week is a genuine catwalk to sidewalk entertainment, as she takes on the challenge of the uncertain trends with sheer joy.

Tanesha Awasthi (@girlwithcurves)


The brilliant woman behind Girl With Curves, Tanesha Awasthi have it all. Her feeds on Instagram is every woman’s dream. With her splashy pumps, stylish capes, chic flats, and much more.

She offers the perfect go-to for style advice and captivating quotes. Tanesha Awasthi’s fashion style is always on the verge. And for those moms to be, her photos during pregnancy are an excellent example of maternity fashionista.

Tanesha Awasthi’s global invasion is exploding with confidence. Her unique fashion style encourages women all over the world to take advantage of their curves and make it as their asset.

Ragini R (@kittehinfurs)

Ragini is one of the most charming bloggers across the globe, and her Instagram is no exception. Follow her to see her posts on her amazing headscarves and hats. Though she does not need it, her no makeup photos yield for a fresh-faced inspiration.

Her main style is all about vintage, yet she accentuates it with contemporary vintage pieces to keep up with new trends. Anticipate for dresses, impressive floral prints, and amazing headwear on all her shots and all of her photos are in a cinematic manner.

Instagram has given the permission to all bloggers to exhibit their way of life in real-time, making following them a personal experience. Rhea Gupte, Reese Blutstein, Anna Dello Russo, Tanesha Awasthi, and Ragini R are the second wave of bloggers that utilizes Instagram to showcase their wardrobe as well as directing their followers to their sites.

Author’s Bio: Leslie Wyman is a fashionista by heart and a brilliant writer. She shares her insights on various websites and still continues to research about the latest fashion trends and influencers to gain more knowledge. On her free time, she spends some quality time with her family.

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