Email marketing works. In fact, it is still far more effective than social media marketing. For that reason, of course, it’s part of the marketing strategy you’re pursuing. The thing is, just because you know it’s effective doesn’t mean you know how to grow that email list. And what is list building for internet marketing? You ask?

And how can you effectively email market if you don’t actually have people on your list who you can contact? For that reason, here are some of the best strategies you can use to grow your email marketing campaign.

Add a signature to your emails: If your company is sending out a lot of emails a day, then it’s a good idea to add your newsletter to the signature of your email. No, it won’t convince thousands of people to join your email list tomorrow, but seeing as it’s such a tiny investment of effort, it’s definitely worth doing even if it just leads to one extra person signing up (and it will lead to more than that).

Ask people to opt in at the higher level articles: Chances are you’ve got articles on your website are supposed to lead straight to purchasing and other articles which are more general information. Now, naturally, with those pages that contain product descriptions, you’ll want to make sure your CTA is the offer to buy. If, on the other hand, the page they’re visiting is more general knowledge then often having a big fat ‘buy’ button won’t do you much good. People just aren’t ready for that kind of commitment yet!

Better, then, to make the call to action on these pages be a ‘sign up for our newsletter’ or ‘give us your email to get this free white paper’ calls. People are far more likely to commit to that. And then they’ve given you permission to approach them a couple of times a month with emails that pull them deeper down your sales funnel.

Use your social media: The engagement rate with social media is astoundingly low at .07 percent. That means that 7 in 10,000 people engage with what you’re doing there. Wow. That’s really bad. Particularly as most of us don’t actually have 10,000 followers on our social media platforms.

The solution? Leverage your social media to get people to sign up for your newsletter by posting links to your newsletter on your social media. Sure, the engagement rate will still be low, but it will nonetheless push up the sign up rate.

Lightboxes: You know those annoying pop-ups that come up when you first go to a page? They’re not actually called pop-ups. Instead, they’re called ‘light boxes’. The reason that companies use light boxes instead of pop-ups is that they get punished by Google if they use the latter.

Of course, we can only hope that they’ll soon get punished for using light boxes as well. Until that time, you have to jump on the lightbox bandwagon, I’m afraid. That’s because they’re incredibly, hugely effective at getting people to sign up.

Of course, just because you use them you don’t have to make them quite as obnoxious as some websites do. For example, maybe you can wait utill the people finish the article before you ask them to sign up. Alternatively, give them 30 seconds to check out the site first. People will appreciate that.

Offer them something: If you’ve got something that people want, then make them pay for it. It doesn’t have to be in cash. It can be at their email address. Now, some people will sign in, get whatever they want and then sign out again. But not everybody will do that and those people will form a nice addition.

Now, to make sure you actually get people to sign up that will ultimately buy the products you’re trying to sell, make sure that whatever you’re offering them is actually interesting to that specific market segment. So, if you’re selling plumbing equipment, don’t offer people an exploration of the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, say. I mean, sure, Edgar Allen Poe lovers might need plumbing equipment as well, but the overlap won’t be huge.

Instead, make sure you figure out what your market segment is after and make that the product you offer. Ultimately, that will make it far more likely they’ll be interested in the products you’re selling.

Last words: For the rest, it’s just a matter of try, try, and try again, even as you make sure that the people you already are on your list are satisfied with what they’re getting there. This last point is key. After all, if they are leaving you as quickly as they’re signing up – or if they don’t bother to open your emails because they never get what they’re looking for – then obviously your email marketing efforts are going to struggle.

So make sure you spend as much effort actually keeping the people on your list happy as you do on getting new people on there. For ultimately, that will make your email marketing far more effective.

Author Bio: Kathleen Wallace is a freelance writer who is seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth. Currently she`s working in Smart Paper Help company and trying to improve herself in the blogging career. Kathleen is an experienced and self-driven specialist who cannot imagine her life without writing.

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