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Suicide Squad: Spoiler Free Review

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When it comes to movie anticipation, Suicide Squad was near the top for many movie going fans. Hardcore fans couldn’t wait to flock to DC’s Island of Misfit Toys. With quite the cult following, characters like Harley Quinn and Deadshot make their big screen debut. Of course, as with DC before, it wasn’t met without controversy. Hardcore critics, undeservingly, blasted the film as if to say it were the worst movie ever made. Don’t get me wrong, more often than not I find myself asking for people’s opinion on movies. However, reading Rotten Tomatoes reviews, critics seemed more occupied with coming up with clever ways to review it than actually enjoying the film. Another low 26% on the “Tomatometer” for DC but 72% of the audience rating it, enjoyed it. Good thing movies are made for the fans and not the critics. So how does the actual movie stack up?

The Cast

(Unfortunately, with such a large cast it would be tough to review them all, sorry)

Will Smith(IMDb) as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
Are you’re a fan of Will Smith? If so, than this film is for you. Smith may have stole the show and I couldn’t imagine what the movie would’ve been without his character. The same wit and charm that landed him so many roles shines through. With that being said, I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen this role out of Will Smith before. Even though he sets the tone for the film, there was little that stood out cementing him as Deadshot. The best way to explain it, he connected with the audience enough for a sequel but not enough for his own feature film. To his credit, any lesser known actor in the same role wouldn’t have come out as well received. 3.5/5 or 4/5 depending on who you ask.

Margot Robbie(IMDb) as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
If ever there was a back story that needed more story, it’s Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie does a great job of portraying a character many fans came to see. Once a side character on Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn quickly became a fan favorite. Look for Margot Robbie to echo that on the big screen. She was easily another character who fans could connect with and give a sense of familiarity. There’s little to complain about with Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn with one exception. At no fault to the actress herself, there is a bit of dialogue that seems shoe-horned it’s way in throughout the film for recognition purposes. Cast that minor nitpick aside and the character that you’ve grown to love will easily steal your heart. 4/5.

Viola Davis(IMDb) as Amanda Waller
Here’s the first role I was disappointed in. A large part of me wanted to see more of cut-throat b**ch with nerves of steel. Fans are treated to a brief moment mirroring her comic persona, but in the grand scheme the character came up short. From an acting stand point, there was no short coming from Davis. However, Amanda Waller is a key character in the series but didn’t get deserving screen time. The audience was shown just enough of the character to advance the story, but never enough to be a lead character. Should a sequel be made, Davis provided a strong enough presence to expand the character in the future, 3/5.

Jared Leto(IMDb) as The Joker
Stop! I know what you’re thinking and before you read any further, stop. Don’t try and compare Jared Leto’s Joker to Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson. It’s a different iteration of the Joker. Comparing the others will only leave you disappointed. Now, we can continue. Jared Leto as the Joker is another role that’s left incomplete. While it may have been DC’s plan all along, Suicide Squad gave you just enough of the Joker to leave you wanting more. Unfortunately, you never got him. Taking a page out of the original Joker persona, Leto’s take was more criminal mastermind than sociopath. While there was hints at his psychopathy, missing was the delusions of the clown prince of crime. Somewhere in the near future, I hope we get to see more of the prankster/psychopath to get a firm grasp of the character. Suicide Squad easily sets up the duo for more on screen shenanigans. My fingers are crossed. Mission accomplished by Jared Leto. 3/5 due to screen time.

The Review

Suicide Squad was one of those movies I’d been waiting to see since the announcement. From the casting to the trailer I was pumped. Then came the week of the premiere when critics just torched the movie. Could this movie really be as bad as they say? DC has so much potential for great stories, did they really miss with fans again? The short answer is “no”. That’s not to say that the film was without it’s flaws. The one thing that stood out the most, was how it jumped right in so quickly. Sneeze and by the time someone says “bless you” you were at the turning point of the movie. While getting to the action early on isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I felt there was a chunk of the movie I missed out on. Maybe it was meant to pick up where Batman v Superman left off, but with little reference to its predecessor, it felt a bit rushed.

Truth be told, the movie itself was great. The cast made the movie what it was. The soundtrack was hit or miss but the right intent was there. The humor was there even if not to the films expectations. It may not climb the list of your favorite movies, but it’s worth going to see. Box office numbers could easily make or break this movies chance for a sequel. While it’s good enough to enjoy, it failed to 100% capitalize on key characters. So many characters left me wanting more, while the others seemed a bit flat or unnecessary.

No matter the movie, fans will always compare superhero films. To do so with Suicide Squad would be a little unfair. It may have similarities to films before it, but it’s definitely meant to stand on its own. For the audience that’s the hardest hurdle to get over. Once you start comparing movies, you create unrealistic expectations going in. If you enjoy comic book movies, go in having wiped your mind of past experiences and enjoy Suicide Squad as if it were the first super hero film you’ve seen. Wrapping up, Suicide Squad scores with me a 7.5/10

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