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Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships

If there's been a time in your current relationship or one from the past that made you feel like running away and never looking back. With the only reason to stay, excuses that get made. The reason being the threat of never finding someone else, being single, never having a better relationship then this, so you settle. A toxic relationship doesn't just apply to a boyfriend or girlfriend it's also
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Painkillers: An Athlete’s Dirty Little Secret

Prescription painkiller abuse is one of the dirty little secrets of professional sports. It hides behind the scandals of muscle-building steroids. Types of painkillers like Vicodin and Percocet are keeping players with chronic injuries and pain in the game. Athletes are among the most at-risk individuals when it comes to they type of  addiction. The measures taken to strengthen their bodies or recovering from serious injuries introduces this risk while attempting to increase performance. When the rehabilitation period