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Feeling Minnesota? At 7-2, Vikings Ready To Stake Claim To NFC North

MINNEAPOLIS – This team quietly sits atop it’s division at 7-2, yet no one seems to be talking about them. This team has one of the NFL’s greatest running backs, a up-and-coming young quarterback, a blazing WR and an underrated defense. Yet, no one seems to be giving them much love and attention. Shadows in their own division, the Minnesota Vikings are quietly both a playoff team, and quietly making
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Cleveland Browns 53 Man Roster is Set, but not in Stone

[caption id="attachment_30161" align="alignnone" width="640"] Ron Schwayne-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] CLEVELAND, OH - By the 4 PM this past Saturday, like all other NFL teams, the Cleveland Browns had their 53 man roster finished. Twenty four hours later, the Browns made six more additional moves, including signing a much-needed wide receiver. For now, Cleveland has elected to keep 12 rookies, which is 23% of the roster. Head coach Mike Pettine told the