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Opinion: The Stats Tell The Story. Curt Schilling Isn’t A Hall Of Famer

Last year, Curt Schilling received 70 percent of the Hall of Fame votes from the Baseball Writers's Association of America. Putting him 20 votes shy of induction. Which makes it seem that in 2021 will become his year to celebrate. Yet, it's not so simple with him. He certainly is divisive especially with his posts on social media. He needed to delete his Twitter account in June of this year and he
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MLB: An Open Letter To Curt Schilling From An American Muslim

I hope that this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit, God willing. Hello Mr. Schilling. Let me introduce myself. My name is Steven Pearce and I am an American Muslim who was born and raised in Redding, CA. I was not always a Muslim but took my shahada or Islāmic declaration of faith 17 years ago. Please let me get right to the point. As an
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Sarah Palin: ESPN Comments, A Sad Excuse Of Trying to Remain Relevant

Editor’s Note: This column may contain content language that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate. The views express in this column do not reflect the views of INSCMagazine, The Inscriber: Digital Magazine or it’s staff. When John McCain picked his running mate (or more than likely had his running mate picked for him) in the 2008 election, the choice of Sarah Palin came as a shock. One so big that