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WWE: Upcoming Survivor Series, One Fans Will Be Thankful For

On the heels of Wrestlemania III, which the WWE claims was seen live by 93,173, the largest recorded attendance for a live indoor sporting event in North America, the wrestling giant came up with the idea of the Survivor Series. The original concept was to have an annual pay-per-view event that focused on tag team wrestling. The Survivor Series was originally created to be a "Thanksgiving tradition" as the first
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Gorgeous Gossip: Blake-Gwen An Item! Are Kendall and Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Dating?

Hey Guys and Gals, It’s your favorite gossip girl in her debut column here at INSCMagazine called, “Gorgeous Gossip” Now for the dirt! Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Romance Confirmed! I’m here with happy news this week! For the past few weeks we’ve been wondering, are they? Aren’t they? By “They” I’m speaking of none other than The Voice coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani! After the Halloween weekend being
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James Bond: The Top Five 007 Films of All-Time

As we await the opening of the latest entry in the James Bond franchise “Spectre”, we recognize that 23 James Bond films have come before it, making Bond one of film’s longest running characters. Throughout the generations, James Bond films have changed with the times and tastes of the worldwide audience, but there are several things that everyone expects to happen, such as the mission briefing with M, meeting at
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Melissa Benoist Soars As TV’s Newest Shero In Supergirl

Many of you are probably wonder why a 39-year-old married man is blogging about a female in tights and a cape? It is because TV’s newest superhero is the type of role model that my five-year-old can hope to emulate. I have to honestly say that two episodes into CBS’ new hit series ‘Supergirl’ starring Melissa Benoist is a breath of much-needed fresh air from all the testosterone-fueled male superheroes
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Video Games: Will There be a Mass Effect Five?

When gamers think of the longest video game franchises, they typically think of Madden and Final Fantasy. Will gamers ever look at Mass Effect that same way?  How can Mass Effect be on that level? Will Bioware and Electronic Arts begin work on Mass Effect Five soon after Mass Effect Andromeda’s release? When the fourth installment of the series, Andromeda comes out next year around Christmas, Bioware and Electronic Arts
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Movies: From Suicide Girl To Horror Movie Queen, Pandie Suicide Turning Heads

With Halloween right around the corner, American horror movie fans will be in for a new treat in the form of Pandie Suicide. Originally hailing from New Zealand, the twenty-something bombshell has been recognized for her part as a pin-up model who has now become a queen of horror movies. One of the models in the Suicide Girls website, she is the beauty to turns heads. Another aspect of her
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Myrian Klink: Why She Is The Miley Cyrus Of The Middle East

What comes to mind when you think about Miley Cyrus? A bold, controversial and/or an outrageous act, right? Some call it an attempt to get fame, however, a few would try to understand the underlying statements which artists’ try to address with such ravishing moves. The stunning and amazingly sexy-looking Myriam Klink can surely be called Miley Cyrus of the Middle East. While many in the Western world are not
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Beauty: Ten Tips On How To Get That ‘Celebrity’ Look

Beauty is paramount, so they say. In an era where we judge people more on their physical attributes; taking care of your body is important, especially for a celebrity who is more often than not under the scrutiny of the public eye. You will need great makeup beauty essentials to keep you glowing for most times if not all times. People admire you and wonder what your secret to keeping
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Entertainment: The Best Superhero Movies Coming In 2016 (VIDEOS)

If it’s got a cape, they've made a movie about it right? Wrong. The seemingly endless tidal wave of superhero movies shows little sign of slowing any time soon. On the back of the hugely successful Avengers series and it’s many spin-offs, there are some incredible blockbusters coming up in the next year, both from established franchises and some newcomers to the party. Let’s take a look at what you
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Heidi Klum: Yes, We Are Trumped Again!

I could take Donald Trump dissing Megyn Kelly and FOX News. I could understand why he had some of things he had in his past come back and bite him in his billion dollar butt. But now I think Trump has gone too far. He has crossed that line from eccentric billionaire to a guy who thinks he has too much power. What egregious thing did he do? Did he