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Bored Oklahoma Teenagers Murder 22-Year Old Baseball Player Chris Lane

Chris Lane an Australian baseball player on scholarship at East Central University got murdered senselessly by three teenagers on Friday in Duncan, Oklahoma while he was jogging. The catcher was in town to visit his girlfriend Sarah Harper.  During his run those three teenagers made a conscious decision to murder him. According to reports one said "there’s our target." Also, stating "‘we were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody." Witnesses
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Dentist’s Patients Test Positive for Hepatitis

Dr. Scott Harrington, a Tulsa oral surgeon is accused of using improper sterilization techniques that may have exposed his patients to blood-borne viruses. Health officials so far have screened 3,122 people who underwent oral surgery procedures at clinics at a Oklahoma oral surgery practice. The practice is now closed due to health concerns. Blood tests conducted on patients show that 57 have Hepatitis C, three have Hepatitis B and as