Nowadays having a tattoo became a fashion and both boys and girls started to have a tattoo. Especially in the punk generation tattoo became popular although tattoo has a religious obligation in some ways.

Tattoos could be permanent or non-permanent. Based on the situation, girls often tends to choose non-permanent tattoos and today we are going to talk about that. We will talk about non-permanent tattoos that decorate the hand for girls. Based on the type of dye used to produce tattoo, the location of the body, or the duration of its stay tattoo for girls may differ.

Types of Dye

The tattoo dye used for the smooth and soft skin of girls could be organic and inorganic. Especially tattoo for girls on hand needs to be free from allergic substances because the skin is soft and if the dye does some problemsb it will be clearly visible. For example, in South Asia especially in Muslim community Henna(a herb of which leaves can be used for red/dark red color) is commonly used to make painting/tattooing the hand skin. In many ways having Henna became a ritual. For example, in marriage usually, in South Asia girls decorate their hands with Henna.

The dye could be from inorganic sources too. In that sense, color pigments are used to make special dye. This dye could be of different colors. Based on the quality of the dye, the tattoo can stay for 1 week to up to 6 months.

Types of Design

The design of tattoos for girls varies a lot. But in general, girls love to have a tattoo that can be classified as ‘Classic’. The most common designs that girls prefer to have are Butterfly, flowers, Birds, and other different decorative designs.

In choosing the proper designs some girls tend to become ’funky’. Like having a tattoo of an Arrow with a love sign is also common.

Duration of tattoo

Times are changing!! Yeah, girls tend to have a changing mind and that changing mind decides whether they will have a permanent tattoo or not. Generally, girls under the age of 20, tends to have non-permanent of removable tattoos whereas above the age 20 permanent tattoos are common.

Pain during doing tattoo

This is one of the factors that affect the girls for sure. Some girls can endure pain like as man does, but many others don’t. So, girls who are weak in enduring pain often tend to have non-permanent tattoos in hand.

Location of the body for tattooing

Having a tattoo in hand is common for most of the girls. Sometimes, girls make tattoos in arms, waist, shoulder, etc.

Tattoos, in general, should be done to match the personality of a girl. For a very funky girl’s normal decorative hand tattoo is not a good match. On the other hand, for a girl with a softer mind, a very funky tattoo is a bad idea. A tattoo should be done keeping in mind the following question and cares:

  1. Are the tattoo permanent, semi-permanent, or non-permanent?
  2. What kinds of dye are going to be used?
  3. If permanent the needle is safe or not?
  4. How much pain can a girl endure?
  5. What would be the design that will match the personality?

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